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Communication between applications of different systems in the SAP environment includes connections between SAP systems as well as between SAP systems and non-SAP systems. Remote Function Call (RFC) is the standard SAP interface for communication between SAP systems. RFC calls a function to be executed in a remote system.

For more detailed Fundamentals and Concepts about Remote Function Call (RFC),please check the RFC SAP Help Portal Page.

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RFC Types

Execution flow

The following illustrates the execution of a synchronous RFC between two systems.


Need quick help? Please see our Guided answers troubleshooting process for RFC performance issues!


For example, the following illustration showing an ECC system communicating with other systems (another ECC, BW, SCM, CRM) through Remote Function Calls.

RFCs can also occur with non-SAP/Netweaver systems as in:

 RFC Communication Scenarios

RFC Cycle

Here is the the course and measured times of a synchronous RFC from the perspective of performance analyzing.

The figure illustrates the course and measured times of a synchronous RFC, which are displayed in the single-record statistics (Transaction STAD) and in the workload monitor (Transaction ST03).RFC Cycle shown as follow:

  1. Establishing the connection (the CMINIT phase)
  2. Data exchange (CMSEND and CMRECEIVE phases)
  3. Closing the connection or wait status
  4. Repeated data exchange
  5. Closing the connection

In this procedure, Establishing the connection should take only a few milliseconds. If you find this status (the CMINIT phase) often in the work process overview, there may be an overload in the recipient system.

  • 2317074 - "timeout during allocate" when starting external programs
  • 1842162 - Connection test SM59: Timeout during allocate
  • 581509 - Reasons for "timeout during allocate"
  • 944792 - Runtime analysis when you start external RFC servers
  • 1333483 - Timeout during allocate of a registered program

During the connection,RFC users are running in the Dialog work process in the receiver system. By specifying RFC user ID, you can monitor the RFC process in the receiver system.

  • 2180934 - Analysis of Work process in "On Hold" RFC, or Stopped CPIC status
  • 1260137 - Work process status "Stopped RFC" by SAPLARFC (tRFC/qRFC)
  • 1324454 - qRFC scheduler is still set to WAITING status

 After the data exchanging, finally, the connection is closed. The recipient work process is free again, and the sender work process continues with its work.

  • 1520551 - RFC: Connections in Gateway are not closed
RFCs and Network issues

One source of high RFC time can be a potential Network issue. In this case, the systems involved need to be identified in order to perform a NIPING analysis and test latency. See the following;

  • 2471983 - Identifying RFC connections in STAD and ST03 
  • 552845 - FAQ: RFC Statistics in Transactions ST03/ST03N and STAD 

 After identifying the systems involved, you can perform a NIPING analysis to see if Network is a source of the high RFC time.

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