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sitKIDS will take place in same building ROT03 as sitWDF


On Saturday, 13th of January, our third SAP Inside Track will take place. This time we will meet in St. Leon Rot, close to the SAP Mothership.

An SAP Inside Track is a community event, open for all people from the SAP-Community (Customers, Consultants, Freelancers and SAP employees). No matter if you are a developer, business consultant or an architect. The event is organized by peers from the community... and YOU are able to influence the agenda. Use hash tag  #sitWDF on Twitter to share ideas. Spread the news and follow the updates!


Registration Closed

CODEJAM Friday, January 12th,  2018

Session Start 10 AM / Closing session 5 PM / Italian Party 6 PM  //

We will offer the following topics:

SAP HANA with Geo Spatial: Registration at

SAP Cloud Platform, predictive services: Registration at

SAP INSIDE TRACK Walldorf  #SitWDF Saturday, January 13th,  2018

Check-In 8:00 AM / Session Start 9 AM / Closing Networking session and Kids Project Presentation 5 PM

On Saturday is the day for very specialized sessions on specific topics, in good old SIT tradition with Lecture sessions and marketplace sessions. “SIT” is new to you? We recommend the great reading of Ingolf Bayer:  Information and Insights from SAP Inside Track (SIT) Part I and Part II 

Host a session for #SITWDF?    Here YOU have the chance to add value and pay forward: host a session at SAP Inside Track in Walldorf. This year we are also asking for non-technical submissions. (so e.g. think of product management hacks, design thinking) We want to form a non-technical track. If your session is accepted, your ticket is guaranteed!  

Lecture Session (30 / 50 minutes): It doesn't have to be a well prepared classroom-style PowerPoint presentation; we also encourage open, improvised and collaborative discussion sessions to draw out the ideas and experiences of others. Please note that all sessions are supposed to last at most 30 minutes! If your session is shorter, you don't need to blow it up, please feel free to add it. If your session will need some more time, add your session and mention it.  

Marketplace Sessions (20 minutes): We provide tables and the audience can just drop by listen, discuss and go to the next one. It allows more interaction and talks about topics which do not fit to a lecture for bigger audience. The marketplace has its own slot after lunch and will not run in parallel to the lectures. The 20 minute sessions will be repeated by the hosts, so that the attendees can rotate around and catch up on every topic.

Registration Closed// Become a Sponsor 

KIDS TRACK #SITKids  Saturday, January 13th,  2018 //  Age 6- teenager (smile)

Check-In 8:00 AM / Session Start 9 AM / Closing Networking session (together with Adults) 5:00 PM

Important: we have a volunteer briefing on Saturday at 8:00 in the entrance hall (Foyer) of Rot03. Looking forward to see you then

Inclusion and Diversity is more important than ever! If you are going to spend your weekend with us, why don’t you bring your family?  With #sitKids we would like to make a big step towards diversity and inclusion! We would like to create a colorful, diverse #sitKids where we give youngsters the chance to develop their technical understanding and skills, learn to work in groups with like-minded or different kids, while the adults join the regular SAP Inside track. We want to encourage kids to use their tecchi ability for relevant projects and not just to play around with their cellphone. Why should kids code? Code is one of the world’s most widely used languages, connected devices are already reshaping our world, kids learn better and faster when they’re young, Coding helps children to develop critical thinking skills and problem solving processes that are not only important in computer science, but also in life.… The list is long!  On this day we will have several work stations with following technologies:

Makey Makey : (we have 2 sets). No previous knowledge required. Turn everyday objects into a “keyboard”. See video here. Always a winner with young kids. Look up the banana piano  littleBits: Small electronic components that snap together with magnets. Only require basic knowledge of electronics and computing. Even has a module that connects to the Cloud.
Lego Mindstorms: We have the EV3 kit. Build robots, program them, etc. You will need to have played with it a little before explaining it to kids.
mBot Robot: Same category as Lego Mindstorms. Easy to build robot, can be programmed using the simple graphical Scratch language. Also good to come to the event with a bit of practice.

... and many more such as Seeed Grove Starter Kit Plus – Intel IoT edition,  Leap Motion Controllers,  Parrot Minidrones, Cardboard VR goggles, Funduino set etc. ..... 

Based on how many volunteers we find and what expertise they have, we will decide on the projects. 

No worries regarding language! We will cover both, English and German!  After you have registered you will receive an email with a survey that asks you about details (e.g. if you want to bring your kid(s) (name, age, level), and if you would like to volunteer as an instructor) 

Registration Closed



Saturday, January 13th 2018 + with preceeding SAP CodeJam on Friday and with a #sitkids program on Saturday. 


SAP Location St. Leon-Rot, SAP-Allee 27, 68789 St. Leon-Rot


For SAP community members (both consultants and customers) who want to share or catch-up on their knowledge.

      • Share what you love by holding a session.
      • Be curious to hear about new things & new insights and participate.

As the catering is not done by SAP, lunch and drinks throughout the day will be completely free.


The event language is: English (mainly (smile))


 Use the #sitWDF and #sitKIDS hashtag.

 Agenda 2018


These are the selected sessions - Agenda is subject to change.

TitleAbstractSpeaker & Bio

SAP Community - our Journey to the future



 Malin Liden

Vice President at SAP SE I Marketing Executive I Speaker I Community Champion I Social Selling Evangelist

SAP Leonardo IoT Foundation - A practical walkthrough


I will show how easily u can connect a device with SAP CP Iot service (Cloud Foundry based) and based on this to build up the digital twin on top with SAP CP IoT Application Enablement.

Additional i show how we can create an simple SAP UI5 App. to visualize your data.

I tyr to demonstrate all the stuff live on the different systems/services.

 - Easily onboarding your device with SAP IoT service
 - Build up the digital twin with SAP IoT Application Enablement
 - Create your application with SAP WebIDE Full Stack
 - Build, deploy and run it on the SAP CP Cloud Foundry environment
 - Optional: Use additional SAP CP services to enrich your processes (C4C, S/4 HANA)

Fabian Lehmann

SAP Solution Architect at Sycor GmbH with a main focus on SAP CP.

S/4 HANA News & Q&A



S/4 HANA News & Q&A

Sven Deneken

heads the P&I S/4HANA Cloud Product Management and
Co-Innovation team. In this role, Sven ensures the SAP S/4HANA product portfolio is aligned with market and customer requirements and drives thought leadership. 

Building services on Cloud Foundry with the SDK for service development


Services are at the heart of building both completely new SAP Cloud Platform applications, and building extensions for existing SAP solutions. In this session, I will introduce you to the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for service development. In a live demo, I will create a service from scratch, walk you through the Java code involved, and deploy the finished service to Cloud Foundry.

Morten Wittrock

SAP technologist, SAP Mentor alumnus and a computer nerd in general. He organizes the SAP Inside Track Copenhagen event, and recently published his first book on SAP PRESS.

Latest updates on SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS


SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS enables you to quickly develop your own native apps with Swift, Apple’s modern programming language. Along with the SAP Fiori for iOS design language, which includes reusable design components, the SDK also allows you to tap into the services and functions available in SAP Cloud Platform so you can build beautiful, intuitive native applications.
 Learn all about latest and greatest feature updates!

Jitendra Kansal

SAP Mentor, Product Management, SAP Cloud Platform UxP Mobile Team , SAP Walldorf

EU-GDPR and the cloud


Join us for a session and discussion around a legal change in 2018, and what it means for IT, esp with regards to cloud. The session will give a brief overview on EU-GDPR, what it requires of both cloud customers as well as cloud service providers. The typical questions IT teams ask (or any you may have) will be discussed. (This session does not provide legal advice, but a technology-focused discussion)
 Audience: technical leads, project managers

Heike Fiedler-Phelps

Responsible for User Group Learning and SAP Cloud Trust Center at SAP, Heike has been connecting people and technology at SAP since 2000, with a special passion for pioneering business transformation. She serves on the board of directors for the Yukon Quest, a 1000 mile sled dog race between Alaska and the Yukon, and recently relocated to Germany with her husband and two sons

Fun with Java 8 and 9

no slides

I‘ll show some of the new cool features of Java 8 and 9. if you are planning to develop on the SAP CP this will help you to get startet with what is possible in Java.

Christian Drumm

SAP Mentor, Professor of Information Systems @ | @SAPMentors | @ABAPCodeRetreat | programming languages, software architecture and new technologies | climber

SAP Leonardo Machine Learning - Hands On


During this talk, we will try to demystify what is behind SAP Leonardo Machine Learning services

Abdel Dadouche

A developer evangelist @ SAP focusing on topics like Machine Learning but also SAP HANA, SAPUI5 and more or less anything that requires your hands to get dirty. Previously, he was part of the Global COE & GTM team for Predictive Analytics which he joined after the acquisition of KXEN

SAP's Integration Strategy


The talk will talk about the following aspects
  1) First, we will recap on the integration challenges that most of our customers are facing in the digital age. We will give an overview on SAP’s integration initiative. This initiative was triggered by the SAP board to improve SAP’s integration experience across the SAP product portfolio.
 2) We define the scope of the CIO guide by looking at key integration use cases mainly consisting of process- and data centric uses cases.
  3)we give guidance for process integration technologies
  4) we give guidance for data integration technologies
  5) Finally we will conclude with a summary and outlook

Katrin von Ahsen

Product Management SAP Cloud Platform Integration

Automated testing:The next innovation step to let business users manage application integration in SAP AIF.With the arrival of SAP AIF, business users are able to become fully involved with the monitoring of SAP application interfaces and the management of business rules without having deep technical integration knowledge.The next innovation step in SAP application interface management is to provide an integrated testing service that is neither technology driven nor demands an in-depth understanding of all external systems, SAP PRO/CPI monitors and interface adapters. Rather it should enable the business users to work with business objects to generate and execute test cases from their SAP Business Suite and AIF platform. Business users are now also able test application interfaces covering the whole SAP integration stack from SAP PRO, CPI to business document from one central place.Frank van der Plas

Odata V4 - Hands On


Learn about OData V4 specific features such as cross-service navigation, filtering on expanded entities, and $apply and how these can leveraged in existing SAP ABAP AS systems and get recommendations when to use V2 or V4

Andre Fischer

SAP Mentor, SAP Gateway Product Manager

Invest in your career by building and managing your online brand- Hands On


Building on the introduction session, this workshop offers practical exercises that help you identify your brand goals and start adjusting your online presence to support these goals. You will work on your LinkedIn profile and get tips and advice on how to write a stronger title and summary that will help attract your personal target audience to your profile. You will also learn ways to keep an audience coming back to your “online shop window”, by sharing relevant content in formats that drive engagement.

Malin Liden

Vice President at SAP SE I Marketing Executive I Speaker I Community Champion I Social Selling Evangelist

UX Focus at SAP Community


Bad usability has plagued our users all of 2017. We learned the importance of UX with SAP Community the hard way, when we launched end of 2016. In this session I'm going to talk about our lessons learned, and how we incorporate good UX into our delivery model. As a bonus, you will get to see a first peek into the SAP Community UX redesign.

Oliver Kohl

SAP Mentor, SAP Community Technical Lead

DSAG overview into technologies Gregor Wolf

A superwoman in a men's world


In this informal talk, I will share my personal experience in a male-dominated work environment. You will see plenty of examples of how I learned to sail successfully through testosterone-filled waters.

Sylvia Barnard

Marketing Director of SAP Screen Personas in the area of Products & Innovation

Business Model Canvas



Grzegorz Posyniak

Greg joined SAP in 2001 as SCM Support Consultant and TQM for many big MaxAttention Customers. In 2008 he joined SAP User Experience Team and in 2010 SAP Knowledge Transfer and Education. He is Design Thinking and Business Model Innovation Coach working currently for SAP Young Thinkers team in Walldorf.

Teamed up for fun and success


This interactive session discusses what makes teams successful and creates an environment with high job satisfaction and stress resilience. Reading and appreciating different personalities, abilities, and talents, and knowing how to work well together is useful for both technical and business teams. Examples from the audience on what works well and what doesn’t and what creates best job satisfaction, are coupled with research-based information and recommendations. Participants walk away with better understanding what to consider when putting teams together, and a greater sense of appreciation for everyone they work with.
 Audience: All
Heike Fiedler-Phelps

Invest in your career by building and managing your online brand


In the digital economy, people often make up their mind about us before we have a chance to connect directly. The way we represent ourselves online and the way we manage our brand becomes critical to secure the next job, the next business partnership, the next project or deal. This session will give you an overview of personal branding and show you effective ways to turn up the volume about topics that will fuel your career success.

Malin Liden

Vice President at SAP SE I Marketing Executive I Speaker I Community Champion I Social Selling Evangelist

Building a conversational UI with SAPUI5 and Amazon Lex


A brief introduction into conversational platforms and a demo of a small SAP Cloud Platform application built with SAPUI5 and Amazon Lex.

Tudor Riscutia

is an SAP technology enthusiast. He started his career as an SAP ABAP developer but later transitioned to the SAP Cloud environment. Besides designing and building SAP software, he is passionate about open-source technologies and user experience (UX).

Thinking pragmatic on Design Thinking


How the idea of thinking pragmatic on Design Thinking actions will help us conceptualize use of tools and methods in non-UX and -design related contexts. Think of Design Thinking as an array of mentality, process, method, tool, environment, and personal mentality. If these can be analyzed and understood, then the possibility of use is far greater. Business Innovation is not one big great step - it can be many small that are more manageable.

Anne Johnson

Masters in Digital Design and Communication, working primarily with Design Thinking and SAP Design processes at KMD. Great interest in innovation, likes challenging activities and doing creative hobbies


Mindfulness – the unexpected path to success and well-being at work


o Experience the effect of mindfulness practices
 o hear about scientific evidence of their impact
 o get tips for handling everyday life situations by cultivating useful mental habits
Torsten Simon

SAP Startup - Experiences after 7 years


Share experiances, knowledge and challanges of the SAP environment when you start your own company.Joerg Siebert

A Primer in Mindfulness and Meditation
 or  “How to Survive Update Hell”


Mindfulness can help you to be more relaxed in stressfull situations and to be more creative. After a short introduction we will discuss practical aspects, f.e.:

  • What  is the right posture? How can we deal with pain during the sitting?
  • How to deal with distraction?
  • How can we extend our practice outside the formal Meditation?

So please bring your questions to the session. There will be also time for a short exercise in meditation.



Tobias Trapp

Enterprise Architect at AOK Systems & SAP Mentor. He is practicing Mindfulness as well as Zen meditation

Does our education need a digital update?


How do we combine technical and social developments? How is our
education system preparing kids and young people for the digital world
in the future? Steffen and his students will tell about how the English
Institut Gymnasium is implementing and running BEAM (Business,
Entpreneurship and Math) and we will discuss how the school and SAP are
collaborating on this area.

Steffen Haschler

Teacher and head of the sience departure at English Institut Heidelberg,
Hacktivist and always in search of modern ways to teach, so students get
better prepared to an unkown but fascinating future. Teaching Means

Programming for Kids: introduction for parents and deep dive into Snap! 



Grzegorz Posyniak

Greg joined SAP in 2001 as SCM Support Consultant and TQM for many big MaxAttention Customers. In 2008 he joined SAP User Experience Team and in 2010 SAP Knowledge Transfer and Education. He is Design Thinking and Business Model Innovation Coach working currently for SAP Young Thinkers team in Walldorf.

Software Exploration Tools to support coding - Experience report


I use now for 18 month the software exploration tool Moose2Model during my everyday work as developer. It helps to write engineering drawings of software systems. I speak about my experiences, the benefits I see and plans to improve software exploration tools.Rainer Winkler

SAP Leonardo IoT - New Products 2018

Marketplace Slides

this talk is about new delivered products in SAP Leonardo IoT portfolio with release date in 2017. It includes also actual update on platform topics for IoT Big Data stack.


Karol Kalisz


ATC - ABAP Test Cockpit

No slides

Related blogpost series:

Remote Code Analysis in ATC – One central check system for multiple systems on various releases

With the SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP 7.51 innovation package SAP customers and partners can perform remote code analysis in ATC which allows to analyze remotely with the latest checks custom code even in older systems using only one system for ATC (SAP_BASIS >= 7.51).

Uwe Fetzer


Art of Data Visualization



Vitaliy Rudnytskiy

 Participants SAP Inside Track Walldorf 2018
 (this list will be updated with the input from the registration form) 
 How to get there? 

    St. Leon-Rot


Hotels and hostels sorted accordingly to the proximity of the event location:

St. Leon-Rot (where the event happens)

Heidelberg Hotels (20 minutes by Car)



 Evening Event   

Friday evening (12th of January): A social meeting (Italian Party) will take place at ROT03, 1 floor from 6pm-9pm

Saturday evening (13th of January):    We are going to have dinner on our own costs at this location



Ringstraße 6
69168 Wiesloch

WHAT ELSE? Your Registration is Obligatory, if you are not able to attend please de-register via email Spread the word #sitWDF #sitKids #BYOPtoSAP #BYOKidtoSAP


See you soon? 

Please let us know in case you do have any questions or suggestions:  We look forward to hear from you #SITWDF Organizing Team 

With Larissa Brinkmann, Alexandra Jochim, Matthias Wild and many more “angels”!


This is Event is supported by: 

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  1. Two questions about the CodeJam:

    • Does it have an own home page? If so, I suggest to reference it. Otherwise, I suggest to reference the survey about the preferred subjects.
    • Is it really scheduled for Friday, Jan-12, i.e. in the week before sitWdf (as the survey indicates)?
    1. Hi Volker,

      • no other homepage - only this wiki. But we are still building on it (smile)
      • we just decided end of last week to shift to 12/13th of Jan, due to DKOM at 11th.So please disregard every note that went out regarding 20st 

      Looking forward to see you there! (smile) 

      Cheers, Kati 

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