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SAP Cloud Platform: Frequently Asked Questions

Version 1.0

SAP Cloud Platform ,  is an open platform-as-a-service that provides unique in-memory database and application services.

It is the proven cloud platform that enables you to rapidly develop new applications or extend existing ones. Enabling anyone to extend SAP applications in minutes, all in the cloud.

This document aims to answer the frequently asked questions (FAQs).The document is divided into several sections and we try to address the relevant questions in a particular section.

 Getting Started with SAP Cloud Platform

Q: I am not sure about mail ID linked to my S user ID.

APlease reach out to for assistance

Q: How do I reach out to Customer Interaction Center for call/mail based support in case I am not able to login?

APlease refer to note for more details on call/mail based support.

Q: I am not able to find the welcome e-mail and don't have login information.

A: Please reach out to the the Account executive .

Q: How do I get support.

A:  Refer to this page :-  Getting Support for SAP Cloud Platform

Q: I am not able to find mail related to Process Integration tenants and respective login information.

APlease reach out to the the Account executive and ask for order number. Then login to SAP support portal and raise an incident in component LOD-HCI-PI-OPS with order details to get provisioning and default user details. In order to access the tenant and understand initial role assignment, please refer to on-boarding guide :-

Q: I have received Welcome email from SAP when i click on URL and Log on i get Message "Our Records indicate that your user does not have an account at this location?

A: Initial access to SAP Cloud Platform account lies with the S user ID as mentioned in the welcome email. Verify if the S user ID you have logged on is same as mentioned in the welcome email.
Log on with the S User ID (Log on with your S user ID only and not email ID) as mentioned in the email and you can go to members page and add other S user ID to give access.
If you are not aware of the s user id mentioned check with your Service market place users Admin.
See also KBA #2458489

Q: The user whose name was assigned to account and who received the mail is not available to login? How can someone else login from same Organization?

A:If the S user ID is not valid and you still do not have access to SAP Cloud Platform account open an Support Ticket Component BC-NEO-CIS and mention your account URL, Valid S user ID and request to add new S user ID as admin to your SAP Cloud Platform account. Mention the S user ID as per welcome email is no longer valid.

Q: I have received Welcome email from SAP but have not received any password?

A: You should be able to log on to SAP Cloud Platform account with your S user ID and YOUR S user ID password. In Case you do not remember password click on forgot password in the Logon Page. Put your S user ID in forgot password page to reset your password.

Q: I Clicked on Forgot password but still I did not get any password reset link?

A: Check if your email ID associated with S user id correct , if not contact SAP Service Marketplace -> for further help.

Q: I am not able to login to SAP Cloud Integration,When i Click on the link sent in Mail , i get Error HTTP Status 403 - Access to the requested resource has been denied” 

A:You are missing roles to access SAP Cloud Integration. Kindly go through the quick on-boarding guide and assign roles accordingly :-
Kindly refer to section 3 for details on roles.

Q: Can I check for status of Data Center availability and subscribe for updates?

A: This can be done at

Q: Can I create multiple account like DEV-QA-PROD ?

A: Yes, you can create multiple accounts in SAP Cloud Platform Follow the help link as well read this blog 

Q: I have 3 HANA DB and all 3 are provisioned in same account, Can i Move my HANA DB to other sub accounts?

A: Yes, Create Support Ticket to Component BC-NEO-PERS and mention the following Source Account ID,Target Account ID, HANA DB ID and Landscape. You can use Sharing Databases with Other Accounts feature provided by platform instead as well

Q: I have purchased HANA DB but When i go to database & Schema and click on New i am not able to create Schema?

A: Create Option is only available for ASE DB and not HANA DB. Check SAP HANA Cloud Platform: Data Management FAQ

Q: I see more number of services in my trial account but in my productive i see less services?

A: Yes , you only see the services you are licensed for in your productive tenant and all available services in trial account.

Q: How do I white list certain IP ranges for accessing Cloud Platform from my On-Premise Environment?

AThe IP range for every SAP Cloud Platform Data center can be accessed at below link :-

Q: I do not have access to SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication?

A: If you have missed email from SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication , Create a Support Ticket on BC-IAM-IDS.