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Attention: This article is not valid for the call of the FM CDESK_SRV_MBOM_WIZARD or any other CDESK_SRV - FMs to derive the BOM. 

ECTR is using preference " = true" and now gets the warning / error:

-0206 - Position 106-536 CAD exists as a non CAD item in BOM_220-1229/null 2000201 as well, please check that!


The BOM items have been created manually in CS01 or CS02. Manually created items have the value SPACE in field STPO-CADPO.

The user starts the function "OmfMatBomComplete" or is using the BOM process during the save-process of a document (ProcessMatBomMaintain).

Now ECTR likes to update this BOM with same component materials. ECTR only changes existing components with STPO-CADPO = 'X' automatically. ECTR returns a warning, that there exist already positions for this material but without CAD flag.


This double entries can be an desired feature, so no action is required, the warning can ignored.


If these are false double entries, there exists two solutions:

  • Delete the manual inserted components manually in CS02.
  • Change the field STPO-CADPO to "X" with a customer specific report before doing the update with ECTR.