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Displayed objects in the transactions like /SAPAPO/CDPS0 or /SAPAPO/PPT1 can be customized to have different colors on the screen. For example Operations in the Resource Utilization Chart in the Detailed Scheduling Planning Board can be displayed in different colors depending on the Decision Table settings.

But only a restricted number of colors are supported and available for display. As the rendering of the graphical objects is handled on the GUI side, the ID-s of the colors are hardcoded. The ID-s can be found in the table TWCOL (which is maintained by the component BC-FES-GRA). Only these values can be used in any customization. Modification of the TWCOL table can result error at rendering the display, in a dialog box with the title "sapbarc" and the message "Range error (.., $HLT, ..)" followed by "Color definition number not valid (.., $HVALS, ..)

The objects which can be customzied are also restricted, but have been extended by the:
SAP Note 1675296 - Changing presettings in detailed scheduling planning board
This is now part of the standard delivered product, and also included in the higher patch levels or the earlier releases. (for the details please check the note)

If you are using customer specific coding to modify colors for the objects, please choose the colors from the TWCOL table.