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The official set of icons to build solution diagrams of SAP Business Technology Platform

With the official set of icons, design guidelines and sample diagrams you can create your own SAP Business Technology Platform solution diagrams using MS PowerPoint. They are intended to reach a better and faster understanding of SAP Business Technology Platform end-to-end solution scenarios as customer, partner, client, solution architect, project lead or developer by using graphical diagrams for visual learning.

The SAP Business Technology Platform solution diagram guidelines are based on a common iconography and graphical design that follow the SAP Business Technology Platform UX principles (Fiori 2.0).

SAP Business Technology Platform - Solution Diagram example

SAP Business Technology Platform - Solution Diagram example

  1. Use the MS PowerPoint slide deck SAP-BTP_official-solution-diagrams-and-icons_v01.pptx
  2. Download the SAP Business Technology Platform icons collection ZIP containing service icons and SAP icons in PNG and SVG format: (see contained readme.text for more infos)
  3. Find the icon, diagram element or sample diagram that you need
  4. Create your SAP Business Technology diagram for own purposes including twitter, blogs, project documentation, interactions with clients, workshops
  5. Explore more SAP Business Technology use cases (and their solution diagrams) with the use case finder on
  6. For questions directly contact Bertram Ganz via email

Terms of Use

The SAP Terms of Use found in document Terms Of Use for the SAP Business Technology Platform Solution Diagrams, Design Elements & Icons govern your use of these SAP materials (as defined in the Terms of Use), and related Content and web pages.

Version History (newest first)

Icon ZIP from March 29th 2021
New service icons: 
  • Extension Suite - Development Efficiency: Continuous Integration & Delivery

v01 (for SAP BTP) from March 26th 2021 including Icon ZIPnames and titles rebranded from SAP Cloud Platform to SAP Business Technology PlatformNew service icons:
  • Extension Suite - Development Efficiency: Kyma Runtime, Product Configuration, Market Rates Management, Market Rates Management - Bring Your own Rates data option, Product Configuration, SaaS Provisioning Service, Serverless Runtime, Usage Data Management, Service Management (former name Service Manager)
  • Extension Suite - Development Efficiency: Cash Application, Intelligent Business Process Management, SAP Intelligent RPA
  • Extension Suite - Digital Experience: AI Cockpit, AI Core, Print, SAP Work Zone, UI Theme Designer
  • Integration Suite: Integration Suite

Renamed service icons:

  • Extension Suite - Development Efficiency: Service Management (former name Service Manager)

New other icons: sap-ui5 (color).png

Deprecated, removed SAP Logos: SAP C/4HANA is now SAP Customer Experience solutions

Sample Diagrams:

  • rebranded from SAP Cloud Platform to SAP Business Technology Platform


Icon ZIP from Sept 22nd 2020

In SAP Cloud Platform Service Icons collection ZIP Added new service icons: Extension Suite - Development Efficiency: Personal Data Manager, Service Manager / Extension Suite - Digital Experience: Launchpad / Integration Suite: Integration Suite service

v09 from May 15th 2020Major changes: separated all SAP Cloud Platform service icons to ZIP resource with PNG and SVG files (folder structure follows new SAP Cloud Platform capability categories “Extension Suite” and “Integration Suite”) / Colors of service icons and solution diagram elements updated to new SAP Fiori Quartz colors.

SAP Cloud Platforms icons collection ZIP containes full set of services

Delta info not provided

Updated: design guidelines and diagram design elements updated to new SAP Fiori Quartz colors

  • Number elements: added alternative numbers in trapezoid shape to depict numbered descriptions of a “solution flow”
  • Samples Diagrams: subset of former sample diagrams was redesigned following the new SAP Cloud Platform solution diagram guidelines (new service icons, new color set, new grey SAP icons)
  • Resources: New: SAP Cloud Platform Discovery Center / New: SAP Cloud Platform icon collection (ZIP resource)

v08 from July 5th 2019
  • New icon category: added „SaaS Applications (at Cloud Foundry subscription screen)
  • New service icons: Data Management: SAP Data Intelligence / Data Privacy & Security: Data Retention Manager, Data Privacy Governance / Globalization: SAP Localization Hub, advanced compliance reporting service; SAP Localization Hub, candidate pipeline service; SAP Localization Hub, digital compliance service for <country> / Integration: Smart Data Integration / LoBs & Industries: SAP Customer Order Sourcing, SAP Omnichannel Promotion Pricing / Master Data: Master Data for Business Partners, Product configuration service, Pricing service, SAP S/4HANA Cloud for Data Enrichment / Orchestration: SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • New SaaS application icons: “SAP Cloud Platform Watch List Screening” and “Screening Hits”, Audit Log Management service, Digital Manufacturing Cloud, SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service, SAP Global Track and Trace, SAP Entitlement Management System, SAP Product Configuration
  • Renamed service icons: new Leonardo IoT (previous: SAP IoT Application Enablement)
  • New other icons: SDK (3D-box)
  • Modified 3rd-PARTY-LOGOS: replaced Microsoft Azure logos with high quality horizontal, stacked, grey and white versions

  • Updated sample diagrams:  Gaining Consumer Insights: Reference Architecture Overview: added “Smart Data Integration” icon in “SAP HANA service” box
  • New sample diagram: SAP Cloud Platform Workflow – the bigger picture
  • Version Changes: added "visual delta" slide with all newly added service/SaaS app/other icons

v07 from March 11th 2019
  • Corrected service names to comply with SAP naming conventions: Data Management: SAP ASE service, SAP HANA service / Data Privacy & Security: Authorization and Trust Management, Keystore, OAuth 2.0 service / Developer Experience: Git service / DevOps: Bandwidth, Performance Statistics service, Alert Notification service / Internet of Things: Internet of Things / Output Management: Live Link for IN365 E-Mail / Runtimes & Container: Virtual Machine / Extras: Cloud Connector
  • Renamed capability categories: “Machine Learning” is now “Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning”
  • New service icons: Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning: Conversational AI / Analytics: SAP Web Analytics / Blockchain: Quorum / Data Privacy & Security: Credential Store / User Experience: SAP Fiori Cloud / Data Management: SAP HANA spatial services / Integration: SAP Cloud Platform Integration Advisor
  • Changed service icons: Integration: OData Provisioning
  • New other icons: sound, sound-loud, microphone
  • New extra icons: Application Programming Model
  • New SAP Product Logos: SAP C/4HANA, SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud (aka SAP HEC)

  • Updated sample diagrams: SAP Fiori Cloud: replaced old “OData Provisioning service” icon with new one
  • New sample diagram: added “Developing Resilient Microservices on SAP Cloud Platform using Open Source Components” with “Description” side panel containing numbered explanations


  • New: added link to Use Case Finder to easily filter by use cases and blueprints by LoBs, Products, Capabilities or Scenarios


v06 from December 12th 2018
  • Changed service icon: Blockchain: Application Enablement
  • Modified service icon: SAP Web IDE icon now has blue color (no longer grey)
  • Added service icons: Integration: Open Connectors, Backend Service, Digital Content Hub / Runtimes & Containers: Application Runtime, Functions / DevOps: Agent Activation for Dynatrace, Enhanced Disaster Recovery, High Availability Option, Transport Management
  • Extras: added “ABAP Environment” icon
  • Renamed: section “Author Guidelines” is now named “Design Guidelines”
  • New: 2 “Design Guideline” slides on “Graphical Style to Show the Inner Part of an Application or Service” and “Graphical Elements to depict Application Protocols, Interfaces and Trust Relationships”
  • Updated sample diagrams: added links to related use cases or GitHub samples.
  • Updated sample diagrams: in “Gaining Consumer Insights: Reference Architecture Overview” replaced “Data Provisioning Agent” box with new circled icon / “Extend SAP SuccessFactors applications”: Corporate Identity Provider is now contained in Corporate Network.
  • Updated sample diagrams: replaced all “SAP Hybris” logos with new “SAP C/4HANA” product logo / replaced all “SAP Web IDE” icons with new blue version (grey before)
  • New sample diagrams: A/ “Increased Visibility into Budget and Spending by Extending SAP S/4HANA Cloud”, B/ “Recruitment Travel & Expense Management Dashboard”
v05 from September 5th 2018


  • Replaced logos: Microsoft Azure
  • Deleted logo: Google Cloud Platform (only use "Google Cloud" logo)
  • Added missing capability category icon “Machine Learning”

v05 from July 23th 2018


  • Replaced logos: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform
  • Added new logos for black and white slide backgrounds: Open Service Broker API, Cloud Native Computing Foundation, kubernetes, kubernetes Gardener

v05 from July 20th 2018
  • Updated Capability Category icons: deleted: Business Services (NOTE: contained services are now part of other capability categories); renamed: Data & Storage to Data Management, Pricing to Commercialization, Security to User Management; refined icon design: Data Management, User Management (was named "Security" before), DevOps; new categories: Data Management, Data Privacy & Security, Developer Experience, Document Management, Globalization, LoBs & Industries, Master Data, Rates & Measures, Orchestration, Output Management
  • New service icons: Collaboration: “Intelligent Product Design”, Data Privacy & Security: “SAP Live Link 365 for Authentication”, Rates & Measures: "Market Rates Management", Dev/Ops: Custom Domains, Blockchain: Hyperledger Fabric, Runtimes & Containers: Java Server
  • New „Other SAP icons, most used“: Data Provisioning Agent
  • Modified icons: replaced generic service icon with hq version, added colored SAPUI5 application icon (on “Other Icons” slide)
  • Renamed services: service “Applications Logs” now is “Logging Services”, “Intelligent Notification 365 Email“ now is “Live Link for IN365-Email”, “Debugging Service” now is “Java Debugging”, “SAP Leonardo Machine Learning” now is “SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation”

  • Updated sample diagrams: SAP Fiori Cloud scenario (added design time environment box, added Fiori Configuration Cockpit, added arrow annotations for OData options, added footnote text)
  • New sample diagrams: SAP Cloud Platform API Management; Weather Demo: Developed Using the "Bring Your Own Language" Concept
  • Updated sample architecture: renamed Solution Diagram Example "Internet Of Things innovation" to "SAP Leonardo IoT Foundation & Edge“. Updated to new “Standard IoT Cloud Architecture”, including “IoT Application Enablement”, “Data Ingestion Pipeline”, “SAP Leonardo IoT Edge”
v04 from February 22th 2018
  • New capability icon: Blockchain
  • New grouping icons: Pricing, Infrastructure
  • New service icons: Integration: Destination (CF) service / Business Services: Personal Data Manager, ”SAP Localization Hub, Tax Service”, Multichain
  • New „Other SAP icons, most used“: Disk Storage, Memory, CPU,
  • SAP Cloud Platform Solution, pdf-attachement, sys-help, learning-assistant
  • Modified: Business Services icons: Changed Icon text from “Tax Service” to “SAP Localization Hub, Tax Service” / from “Data Quality Services” to “SAP Data Quality Management, microservices for location data (DQM Microservices)”
  • Changed: SAP HANA DB metaphor changed to „column-based“ and „cloud“, SAP ASE DB metaphor changed to „row-based“ and „cloud“
  • Deprecated: Mobile services icons: App & Device Management, Fiori Mobile


  • Modified: Replaced all SAP product logos with new designs, SAP logo before product names replaced with text “SAP”
  • New logos: Added “SAP Concur” logo, “SAP S/4HANA Cloud” logo


  • New: Added “Environment Boxes” for “Cloud Foundry” & “Neo Environment” (without logos, in different blue colors)
  • Updated sample diagrams: in 3 diagrams “Extend SAP cloud applications / SAP cloud applications including SAP S/4HANA Cloud / SAP SuccessFactors applications”: replaced SAP HANA icon with updated one
  • New Sample Diagram: Analytical Application based on SAP HANA database
v03 from December 21th 2017
  • New (21.12.2017): Added slide “Terms of Use for SAP Cloud Platform Solution Diagrams, Design Elements and Icons”
  • Changed (21.12.2017): adapted footnote on all slides “The SAP Cloud Platform Diagrams, Design Elements & Icons may be used to create own solution diagrams for SAP Cloud Platform solution scenarios, see terms of use document ….”

v03 from November 7th 2017
  • New: added footnote on all slides “The SAP Cloud Platform service icons, SAP product logos and SAP icons may be used to create own architecture diagrams for solution scenarios based on SAP Cloud Platform.”

  • Corrected: changed font BentonSans to Arial in arrow annotations of sample diagram “SAP Cloud Connector 2.10: What’s new in it?“