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There are some standard functions that are not released to customer usage, this means customers can use them but they are not mantained for nay customer specivif usabe. One example would be function moduce HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION. To check if a function is released access via se37 to the function and under caracteristicas label it will be specified. Example: 


The previous screenshot shows it is not release. This means it is not mantained. If a customer needs to use this function he can use it but if any modification needed then he will need to copy it on a customer function and modify it. This may cause because this is not a country specific function so it needs to be configured spacificaly for some infotypes. 

In case the previous information did not solve your issue, please contact us (SCN, chat, incidence) providing the information described in the following link: How to report an incident to SAP Support about PY-PT.



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