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In order to generate OSHA300 report you have to fulfill the following requirements:

OSHA300 Injured Persons criteria: 

  • All incidents matching the set Period will be checked for Injured persons
  • All Injured Persons within the found incidents will be checked for Organizational Unit assignment
  • All Injured Persons within the found incidents will be checked for generated OSHA 301 reports

Data for the Injured Persons matching above criteria will be included in the OSHA Summary report

According to OSHA criteria all injured persons having one of the following criteria fulfilled:

  • At least one injury set as Reportable (Set Reporting required for each one to Yes (in incident->Reports/Documents))
  • Fatality
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Days away from work (in calendar days)
  • Restricted work or job transfer (in calendar days)
  • Medical treatment beyond first aid
  • Additional criteria

Will be included in the summary report.

Also make sure that injured persons included in the Incidents which will be collected for OSHA300 report are configured intransaction PPOME.

In order to an user to be collected for OSHA300 reporting - the user should be mantained in PA30 and PPOME transactions.


Additional information on OSHA 300 Reports:

OSHA 300: Log of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses


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