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Episode 9

Our goal for November 24/25 is to share, learn, inspire and have fun. On Friday we have SAP Masterclasses, more info and registration over here. And on Saturday our own 'little' SAP TechEd recap - SAP Inside Track Netherlands. Any SAP Inside Truck is a community event, open for both SAP TechEd attendees as well as the less fortunate ones (wink) , and organized by peers from the community. Although it is a Dutch community event we have never spoken Dutch during the day. We have had friends from DE, EN, BE, PL and IT coming over - we're happy to say welcome to anyone.

Use hash tag #sitNL on Twitter to share ideas and spread the news or visit our Facebook page to read the latest news items on our timeline.

Sponsors (thank you so much!)

  • Interdobs
  • McCoy & Partners
  • SAP Netherlands
  • Quinso
  • Experis Ciber
  • Expertum

When / Where

Friday November 24 | 9:30 - 17:30

SAP Office Netherlands

Amerikastraat 10, 's-Hertogenbosch

Saturday November 25 | 9:30 - 18:00

Interdobs Office

Reitscheweg 47, 's-Hertogenbosch


There will be dinner served as well, however Haseenah won't be able to prepare it this time around. Hopefully next time again.


For SAP enthusiasts (both consultants and customers) who want to share or catch-up on their knowledge. If you plan to visit SAP TechEd, please share your thoughts and vision with us. Or if you have an interesting story to tell regarding SAP Technology - you're more than welcome.


Low, aiming at €20 per participant, including lunch and dinner.


We're pretty sure there will be people taking some. Follow the #sitNL hashtag.


Use the #sitNL hashtag

Agenda Masterclasses

Blog Masterclasses

TimeTrek OneTrek Too
9:30Welcome and opening 

Machine Learning

Ronald Kleijn


Jan Penninkhof


Cloud Foundry

Ted Castelijns

17:00Wrap up 

Agenda sitNL

TimeTrek oneTrek tooBI trek

Welcome and opening

Twan van den Broek


Building an innovation culture - Powered by diversity

Malin Liden


A practical Walktrough to SAP Leonardo IoT

Fabian Lehmann


SAP Leonardo / Machine Learning

Iver van de Zand


How to apply Augmented Reality in the business value chain

Jurgen de Jong, Gerben Harmsen

Integrating SAPUI5 with ArcGIS Maps

Leon van Ginneken

SQL Data Warehousing in SAP HANA

Sefan Linders

12:00Lunch break  

What the Git?

Hendrik Neumann


SAP Data Hub

Marcel de Bruin


The importance of applying SAP patches

Joris van de Vis (KJ)

DIR - A tribute to Standards and Guidelines...

Laurens van Rijn

SAP Predictive Analytics

Nico van der Hoeven


TechEd recap of SAP's mobile strategy + my critical view

Tamas Szirtes


From EDW to BDW using the best of BW/4HANA and the HANA Platform

Jan van Ansem


Something iOS SDK

Robin van het Hof

Blockchain for the Enterprise

Iemke Kooijman, Martijn Hulshof

PowerBI on SAP, a match made in heaven?

Tim Koster


SAP Run Live Truck, SAP Cloud Platform cases built in only 1 week

Twan van den Broek

Blockchain for the Enterprise (part II)

Iemke Kooijman, Martijn Hulshof

SAP TechEd recap

Ronald Konijnenburg, Sven van Leuken


Wrap up

Twan van den Broek



Sven van Leuken


Session details

Title / SpeakerSummary

What the Git?

Hendrik Neumann
Git is running the world of software development. We’ll have look into Git’s inner workings and how to use it in a software development process. The talk concludes with a glimpse into abapGit (the cool thin Björn Goerke was talking about in the TechEd keynote).

The importance of applying SAP patches

Joris van de Vis

Most of us apply the monthly patches for our Operating system (Macbooks, windows systems, etc). But what about the monthly security patches for our SAP systems?

Many SAP running organisations don't do this as regular as they should. Some topics I'd like to discuss with the audience are;
- Why don't they do that?
- What are the risks involved?
- How to improve things?

A practical Walktrough to SAP Leonardo IoT

Fabian Lehmann

In short u can expert the following:
- Onboard your device
- Build up the digital twin
- Create your application with SAP WebIDE Full Stack
- Build, deploy and run it on the SAP CP Cloud Foundry environment
- Optional: Use additional SAP CP services to enrich your processes (C4C, S/4 HANA)

Building an innovation culture - Powered by diversity

Malin Liden

No organization can thrive, or even survive, without innovation. In an environment of increasing competitive and market pressure cycles have to be faster which means innovation can no longer be centralized. It can´t be done exclusively from the top, by a few individuals or a dedicated department. When innovation has to be everyone’s job, it has to become a mindset and central part of an organizations DNA. That´s why building an innovation culture is key. One of the most important drivers of an innovation culture is diversity and inclusiveness. This presentation will discuss leadership techniques we can all apply to support continuous innovation while increasing employee engagement and customer loyalty.

DIR - A tribute to Standards and Guidelines...

Laurens van Rijn

Why ABAP code quality is still relevant (including the tools to achieve that)

TechEd recap of SAP's mobile strategy + my critical view

Tamas Szirtes

I will give a status update about SAP's mobile technology strategy, go through the whole portfolio, cover the roadmaps and explain why I don't like the strategy.

Rapid prototyping with the SAP Run Live Truck

Twan van den Broek

See what a rapid prototyping process – which makes it possible for us to deliver innovations with SAP Cloud Platform to customers within only 1 week – looks like. Learn about the Dutch run-live truck, our vehicle for becoming more agile to better serve our customers. See how rapid prototyping works in real life, and see some of the solutions, including solutions for IoT, machine learning, and analytics, we have delivered.

From EDW to BDW using the best of BW/4HANA and the HANA Platform

Jan van Ansem

Social Media and ‘Big Data’ have changed the requirements for data consumption for enterprise users. On top of this there is more and more an expectation that data can be delivered in real-time, regardless of the source or the complexity integrating the data in the required context. 
BW is a great platform for Enterprise Data Warehousing, but is not the one-stop-shop for all ‘Big Data Warehouse’ requirements. The HANA Platform offers some features which are superior to, or missing in, BW/4HANA. The question then becomes, how do you make best use of the strengths of both platforms, whilst avoiding duplication of effort and (data storage, development time, day-to-day load processing and monitoring).
This presentation will show some new features of the HANA Platform and BW/4HANA which could have a place in a Big Data Warehouse architecture using HANA Platform and BW/4HANA.
There will be demos of Smart Data Integration, Streaming Process Chains and Native DSO’s and a brief look at SAP’s new tool for the operation of a hybrid Data Warehouse using SAP Data Hub (no demo of the latter, unfortunately)

Blockchain for the Enterprise

Iemke Kooijman, Martijn Hulshof

Blockchain technology is increasingly being considered for applications in business contexts due to its key properties. It is also very much hyped for its potential to transform existing industries and business models. In Part 1, we will introduce the key properties of blockchain, its limitations, the field and the relevance for SAP and enterprises in general. In Part 2, we will focus on one of the prominent suites available today and provide an demonstration of the POC we’ve developed.

Participants SAP Inside Track Netherlands 2017

Check the participant list on the sit registration tool.

Hotel suggestions




Price (incl. Breakfast)
exclusief toeristenbelasting

Who stays?

Hotel Jo Van Den Bosch  150€ for 2 nights via


Fletcher Hotel-Restaurant ‘s-Hertogenbosch by138€ for 2 nights via 
Airbnb als has some nice affordable options's~Hertogenbosch--NederlandAffordable, nearby, great hospitalityDependent on your wishes somewhere 40 and 150 


Able to do some car sharing, car pooling, joy riding?

Coming from




Count me in (add your name)

Pickup point



Any tips to take into account? Please list them and help making it a day to remember.

  • Bring a good mood (big grin)
  • Dress casual
  • Be awesome