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This SAP component supports you with all activities in the areas of industrial safety, health, and environmental protection and it comprises the following SAP components:

  • Basic Data and Tools (EHS-BD) - Contains all data and functions required for the other EH&S components at one central point.
  • Product Safety (EHS-SAF) - Handles hazardous substances safely and brings them safely onto the market, and also complies with all relevant regulations automatically.
  • Hazardous Substance Management (EHS-HSM) - Contains functions required to manage hazardous substances.
  • Dangerous Goods Management (EHS-DGP) - Manages dangerous goods master records, runs dangerous goods checks, and creates dangerous goods documents.
  • Waste Management (EHS-WA) - Manages waste disposal processes, creates the reports necessary for transportation and disposal of waste, and distributes the resulting costs proportionally among the cost centers in the enterprise that generated the waste.
  • Occupational Health (EHS-HEA) - Plans and performs health surveillance protocols and creates and manages occupational health questionnaires.
  • Industrial Hygiene and Safety (EHS-IHS) - Organizes industrial hygiene and safety and manages the hazards and agents that are present.
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