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In SAP Solution Manager 7.1 (transaction SOLAR01), within Projects / Solutions, you can set structure elements (e.g. Scenario, Processes, Process Steps) out of scope. This feature is used in various use cases like project scoping.

However, these settings are not recognized by Content Activation and the “out of scope” information is lost. This means a structure element will be fully activated but has no indicator for its previous in or out of scope status after content activation.

Solution / Workaround:
In order to keep this “out of scope” information, a workaround is possible. For that, we are using attributes. So, first of all, think about a unique attribute and value which isn’t used in your Solution Documentation at all. In our example, we use the Attribute “Country” with Value “Kazakhstan” or “KZ”. Feel free to use other or your own defined attributes. This attribute value will be assigned to every structure element set out of scope. To speed up this activity we will perform a mass assignment with help the of the excel upload feature in Solution Manager 7.1. Afterwards, your Solution Documentation content is ready for activation and we can we consume it later in the Process Management of SAP Solution Manager 7.2. Here you can decide if you like to perform delete, move or other restructuring or housekeeping activities.

Note: Please be aware that already existing attributes will be overwritten when using the excel upload.


2. Open the first project you like to modify
3. In the menu bar click on Edit --> Fill Business Blueprint --> Create Template File --> Structure Attributes
4. Name the .txt file and save it locally
5. Open the .txt file in MS Excel
6. Filter column “In Scope” for empty values
Now you get a list of all out of scope structure elements.
Note: Only recognize rows without a “*” (asterisk) at the beginning.
7. In column “Attribute Name” enter your attribute, e.g. COUNTRY
8. In column “Attribute Value” enter your value, e.g. KZ (for Kazakhstan)
9. Save the file as .txt
10. Go back to the project in SAP Gui
11. In the menu bar click on Edit --> Fill Business Blueprint --> Upload File --> Structure Attributes
12. Choose your .txt file and continue
13. Ensure that the display log screen has no error and shows a green light
14. In transaction SOLAR_PROJECT_ADMIN click on Go to --> Business Blueprint
15. Perform a right mouse click on one structure element which is set out of scope.
16. Select Attributes
There you can see you attribute value. Repeat this to perform some spot verification. Now you have performed the mass assignment of your attribute value to the out of scope structure elements.
17. Repeat these steps for all other relevant Projects / Solutions

Your preparation tasks are successfully performed now.

After successfully performing the content activation you can proceed to use this information in Process Management of SAP Solution Manager 7.2. In our example, we will demonstrate on how to delete “out of scope” for all structure elements.
1. Go to List View
2. Assign Column “Country”
3. Choose Country in the left side panel and select Kazakhstan
4. Select all results and right mouse click
5. Choose delete
6. Go to Process Step Library
7. Go to List View
8. Assign Column “Country”
9. Choose Country in the left side panel and select Kazakhstan
10. Select all results and right mouse click
11. Choose delete

Now you have deleted all Process Steps first.

Next, go to Business Processes:
1. Go to Business Processes
2. Go to List View
3. Assign Column “Country”
4. Choose Type and Country in the left side panel
5. Select Process and Kazakhstan
6. Choose "select all"
7. Right mouse click and delete

Next for Scenarios
1. Unmark Processes
2. Select Scenario
3. Right mouse click and delete


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