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The purpose of this page is to clarify the way to avoid Extra Space/Line being added in when inserting paragraph in RTE editor by changing the NewLineTag via Enhancement.


When inserting paragraph in RTE editor, there will be extra space between lines. This is a standard behavior on RTE editor after applying Note 2353710 as newLineTag of RTE editor is configured as "p" by default. This issue can be avoided by enhancing the view , adding NewLineTag as an importing parameter when system loads RTE editor to force the value to be "br".


Please note: the solution contains modification to SAP Standard code which is under customer's responsibility.

  1. Create an enhancement of component "CRMCMP_CCS_EML", then enhance view "CRMCMP_CCS_EML/MailBody".
  2. Go to View Structure → View Layout, double click on page "MailBody.htm" and choose the change mode.
  3. At line 473, in the importing data list of method " cl_thtmlbx_rt_editor_mce=>factory", add a line as "NEWLINETAG='BR'".
  4. Save the change and Activate the page.
  5. With the change, when system loads RTE editor, NewLineTag will be forced as "BR".


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