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The event is fully booked. Any incoming cancelations are triggering a ticket offer to the waiting list.

====>  Eventbrite:    <=============

Registration for Pre-Event CodeJams on March 9th open: 

Here we are .. back again: 

and all these enthusiastics will be with us .. on a Saturday packed with cool sessions and time for talking/sharing/networking:

<list of participants under construction>



The 2018 edition of "SAP Inside Track in Frankfurt" 
  will be on  March 10th (Saturday) at the same location like in the years before (Frankfurt Rödelheim @ AOK Systems)


Twan van den Broek (profile) found "The lost episode" of last years sitFRA2017 and published it just now. A very nice recap of 2017 - and at the same time a motivating invite 2018. 


Call for Papers
Call for Speakers



Seats are all taken
Waitinglist open


We made a call
to all registered participants
to kindly check their plans.

Any canceled registrations will
give the first in line a chance to join.

Agenda fixing
(Sessions are selected - Speakers are informed)

As soon as we do get the final confirmation
and a few missing details/photos the agenda will be published


In detail:

 January 24nd, 2018Hey speakers!
It's "Call for Papers" time!
It's "Call for Speakers" time!

We are looking for you!
This is your chance to make an #EarlyBirdSessionSuggestion and to be a rock star at #sitFRA
Challenge us with your experience and widen the horizon of us all.

Early-bird SpeakerNominess with a valid session-suggestion will get access to a participant ticket ... no matter if the suggestion will be selected fot the final agenda.
We reserved a set of tickets to ensure this.
AccessCodes will be sent out around Feb'18th.

Hint: Beneath a great and hungry audience we also do have some nice speaker gifts for you (wink) .. thanks to our sponsors.

If this is your first time and you are unsure if your idea fits to an SAP Inside Track: Contact us and we evaluate together with you.


February Friday
2rd, 2018


Participant Registration (smile)

WaitingList only

Registration for participants was opened for #sitFRA 2018 (Friday 2nd 1.05pm CET))
and all seats were taken till the early evening.

We were sold out the same day – but we are taking care of the waiting list too .. so do not hesitate to add yourself there.(check next milestone)

Think about being a speaker .. that would raise your chance to join us on Saturday too.


Feb 2nd -
Feb 20th

"Call for Speakers" still open

You are still able to make an entry in the session list.
This will not guarantee you access to a speaker ticket in case your session will not be selected. (This is for EarlyBirds only).
But you do have the same chances to make it to the agenda like the EarlyBird-Suggestions.
If you make it to the agenda you will be informed together with all other speakers around Feb23nd.
 Feb  21st 2018Agenda (fixing)

Agenda  (Final selection of the sessions; Speakers will be finally informed)

 March 2nd 2018Agenda (publishing)Agenda will be published around Feb 27th

 March 9th 2018

Pre-Event in Frankfurt (same location)

We are going to have TWO CodeJams:

Feb 21st Feb 24th> Registered sitFRA Participants and SpeakerNominess will be informed first via email.

Feb 24th Feb 26th> CodeJam information via Tweet from @_sitfra

Feb 26th> Code Jam Registration public

 Friday 7pmEvening: ComeTogether downtown Frankfurt 
 March 10th 2018

SAPInsideTrack Frankfurt 

A day full of sharing knowledge, experiences, failures & lessons learned and news.
Meeting the Stammtisch members of the area around Frankfurt and community members from all around.

 Saturday 7pmEvening: SAP Stammtisch Frankfurt in our traditional pub 


SAP Inside Track Frankfurt a.M. / March 10th 2018


What is an SAPInsideTrack?

An SAP Inside Track is a community event, open for all people from the SCN-Community  (Customers, Consultants and Freelancers). 
No matter if you are a developer, business consultant or an architect.
The event is fully organized by peers from the community.. and YOU are able to influence the agenda.

Have a look e.g. at all the review blogs of an previous SAPInsideTrack (2015) or the video by Twan van den Broek that was recorded at sitFRA 2017 to get into the right mood.. and register yourself afterwards.

Use hash tag  #sitFRA on Twitter to share ideas & thoughts. Spread the news and follow the updates!


Saturday, March 10th 2018        
Registration opens at 08:30
Sessions start at  09:30  and ends at approx.  18:00/19:00

Saturday we will have some drinks at the event location and if you like to join .. come to our Saturday edition of the #SAPStammtischFrankfurt
We are going to have a chill-in and chill-out in a local pub the evening before and after. 


Germany: Frankfurt a.M. (Hesse)
Location:  AOK Systems Office in Frankfurt-Rödelheim  

(just a 2 minute-walk from train station  Rödelheim , easy to reach with rapid transit from Frankfurt Main Station (9 minutes ride))
More details ... see section "Map"    (Map will be updated with more current details)


For SCN community members (no matter if you are a customer, consultant or SAP employees) who want to share or catch-up on their knowledge.

      • Share what you are passionate about by holding a session.
      • Inspire others with your passion
      • Be curious to hear about new things & new insights and participate.

Special tracks

This year we like to spread the attention to several different topics.

  • On the one hand S/4HANA is getting more and more relevant in daily life .. as well OnPremise and in the Cloud
  • The newest Netweaver and HANA releases are bringing a huge set of new features and ABAP is not your grandfathers ABAP anymore
  • Different views on the different Clouds offers and all the services around are worth to cover from a business, developer and a operational perspective.
  • As we do not have a dedicated full day for a UI5con (as in 2016 + 2017) ..  we like to have a block of UI5 releated talks for a UI5conLight.
    The "UI5Top5 2018" contest is ongoing .. and the plan is to announce the 2018 winners at our UI5conLight Track presented by Twan van de Broek. (Details)

  • Any other topic:
    SAPInsideTrack is an open format and we are not bound to mainstream topics.
      Anything what you as an expert might see as "daily business" - might be a insight into a new world for everybody else.
      Anything what you are fascinated by - might fascinate others.

    Ping us at  @ or twitter: @_sitfra if you are not sure .. we can evaulate with you how your idea fits to the agenda.

    If you are passionate about your topic .. we are pretty sure you are at the right place at the speakers desk of an SAPInsideTrack.
    Hint: An SAP InsideTrack is not the place to present a product or an service for marketing purposes. Never a good idea to do so at a community event (wink)
    Be part of the sitFRA and submit your session now => next chapter explains how to do so.

Session suggestions (Call for Papers: closed)

Here YOU have the chance to add value and pay forward: host a session at SAP Inside Track in Frankfurt. 
Share your experience and/or initiate a discussion and take new insights back home. Please note that all sessions are supposed to last at most 30 minutes! If your session is shorter, you don't need to blow it up, please feel free to add it. If your session will need some more time, add your session and mention it.  We will figure out if and how we can handle it. 

Please plan some time for questions and answers - or even asking the audience for feedback and ideas. The " In " of INside Track comes from INteraction (wink)

If you have any questions or are unsure about how to do it:   Contact us  ... contact data to be found at the bottom of this page. 

If your session is accepted, your ticket is guaranteed! 

Speaker name: First Last

Bio:  SCN, XING, LinkedIn...

Title:   Try to make it Twitter-length compliant (wink) 

Abstract: should contain between 300-1000 characters to describe the session content.  (Very helpful for the participants to know what to expect)

Type of Session: Lecture/Demo (30 min) is our standard format. (Mention if you think you need less/more time)

Contact details: Enter your email address for further contact by using this link to the GoogleForm => ContactData of speakers

Link to slides 

Session suggestions for #sitFRA #EarlyBirdsSection (will be closed at the day when participant registration opened )
We are going to build an agenda and inform the speakers (planned February 21st).
All the early suggestions enable us to plan this day based on interesting content. 

All selected sessions that are on the agenda are now marked green

Speaker nameBio
(Link to Xing/LinkedIn/Twitter)


Please be detailed! Give us (organizers AND the participants) the chance to know what you are planning. (Content wise and structure)

Add a "retake" at the end in case your session was already presented at another event.
(The effort to build a session is high and the limited number of participants at a SIT - therefore suggesting a session that was held before is very valid. Others do get the chance to hear what you are sharing)
Mentioning the retake helps participants to choose from.


Slides / Source Code

(Place to put a link to slides and related links after the session)

Karol KaliszSAPCommunitySAP Leonardo Block Chain

Role of Blockchain technology in SAP Leonardo for business use. Including business scenario which shows how the technology can change the way systems and processes work. The scenario will describe usage of the blochchain technology in logistic area to optimaze one of existing proceses. It is not on HOW blockchain works in general (technical view), it is more WHAT blockchain can change in business area.


SAP Leonardo


Alexander GeppartSAPCommunitySpeed up ABAPUnit data creation process

Regardless of using the test first or test last approach in ABAP, we have to provide test data for our unit tests. As often test data can be already viewed in debugger during bug investigation,
it would be nice to have a feature which exports this already given data from current debugging session context in such a convenient way, that this export can be used very easy in our ABAP coding.In this live coding session we will see how to do that.




SAP Blog
Twan van den best UI5 app ever with a surpriseAnnouncement of the 2018 version of the #UI5Top5UI5 
Fabian Lehmann


SAP Community

First expierence with SAP Leonardo ML Foundation

An introducing on SAP Leonard ML Foundation which run on top of SAP CP Cloud Foundry.

  • Overview
  • Technical setup
  • Execute the "productive" API´s on SAP CP CF
  • How to retrain an existing model
  • Optional: BYOM (Bring your own Model)




SAP Leonardo

Machine Learning


Link to slides

Martin Fischer /
Tobias Trapp

ABAP state-of-the-art – Do’s and Dont‘s and How to be Successful when going beyond Simple Prototypes

In this talk we discuss the overall architecture of state-of-the-art ABAP applications from different perspectives: principle of one, digitization and beautiful UIs. In fact, this comes out of the box if you use the so called ABAP New Programming Model using a generative approach. But there is one drawback: if you want to develop slightly more complex transactional applications, f.e. more than one BO type in a Fiori UI, then you will have to solve certain problems. The Developer Guides form SAP won’t help you since the challenges are not predictable even for programmers with senior ABAP skills.

To understand this advanced talk you should be familiar with the Big Picture of the so called ABAP New Programming model f.e. described here: If you want to go deeper then use this as starting point:






Link to slides
Christian Lechner


SAP Community

"Quidquid agis, prudenter agas ..." - Learnings from a transition from on-prem to cloud native

Successfully developing Cloud Native applications is often regarded from a purely technological perspective - what design aspects have to be considered, what frameworks are best fitting and so on. However, there are many more especially non-technological factors that you have to take into account and that will influence your success.

In this talk, I would like to draw your attention to these factors and share the experiences and learnings that we made when developing our first Cloud Native applications.

SAP Cloud Platform

Cloud Native Development

Link to slides
Daniel Koller Introduction to Apache Kafka

Kafka® is used for building real-time data pipelines and streaming apps. It is horizontally scalable, fault-tolerant, wicked fast, and runs in production in thousands of companies.

I will give you an overview, what Apache Kafka is, whats its components are, how you can set it up and how you can integrate it into application functionality. I'll also give an overview about usecases for it.

IT Operations


Event Bus


Tudor Riscutia


SAP Community

Building a conversational UI with SAPUI5 and Amazon LexAn introduction into conversational user interfaces and a demo of a small SAP Cloud Platform application built with SAPUI5 and Amazon Lex.
retake sitPARIS



Svea Becker TwitterPractice - Relax - Reactivate

Can’t concentrate anymore?

Feel tired and tensed up during your working day?

Stressed out while attending an event?

Learn different solutions from the variety of activity, relaxation and meditation.






Malin Liden and Katarina Fischer

 Malin Liden

Katarina Fischer

Community events – What they can do, what they can become Community is all about people and nothing compares to real life interactions when it comes to building strong relationships. So it is at the events where we see the SAP community come alive in a special way: The learning, the sharing of expertise and meeting friends. The SiT format is community at it´s best, but what makes them special?

How can we ensure the high standard of SITs that attendees are expecting? Especially as the format is growing to more locations with new organizers. 

What could a “portfolio” of event formats look like that gives passionate community members different opportunities to connect depending on the size of the target group, access to funding/sponsors or the time that they are able to invest in organizing?

How does all of this contribute to building a more diverse and inclusive community for all of us?

If you want to be part of shaping the future of community events, please join this session to learn more, share your experience, discuss in small groups, work on and finally present ideas!




Laurens van Rijn



No Comment?The art of commenting your code with a bit of Technical Debt, Clean Code, ABAP Doc, and Code Inspector.

retake ABAP CodeRetreat Nieuwegein (revised)

Technical Debt

Clean Code

Commenting Code


Code Inspector

Link to slides

Wim Snoep + Arnaut Kamhoot 

Twitter Wim Snoep

Twitter Arnaut Kamhoot

Apples & API's

In this session we will tell the basics of SAP API Management. What is SAP API Management and how does it differ from Cloud Platform Integration (CPI).

Includes lecture and demo of API management

retake sitPARIS




link to our slides
Andreas GautschTwitterConnecting the sensors of an Android phone to the SAP Cloud platform IoT CF

Taking of with the Internet of Things service is often prevented by the availabilty of a programmable sensor with a stable internet connection. But especially for prototyping an Android phone is the perfect "Thing". 

In this session I will give an introduction to the Internet of Things Service API (Cloud foundry version) and show how the Iot Starterkit has be adapted to fit into a mobile app.

SAP Cloud Platform Internet of Things for the Cloud Foundry environmentLink to slides
Joris van de VisTwitter @jvisThe importance of applying SAP patches

Most of us apply the monthly patches for our Operating system (Macbooks, windows systems, etc). But what about the monthly security patches for our SAP systems?

Many SAP running organisations don't do this as regular as they should. Some topics I'd like to discuss with the audience are:
- Why don't they do that?
- What are the risks involved?
- How to improve things?

retake sitNL

SAP Security



Cameron Rouse, Kati Fischer, Phil Fischer (10), Jasper (8), Emily (6)Katarina FischerDRAFT - PLACE HOLDER - MORE/Changes TO COME:

Learning and have fun with technology from SAP D-Shop and SAP Mentors


Did you see all the fun gadgets at SITKIDS Walldorf and Bern? You wonder if and how you can leverage?

There are several tools and gadgets that can be used by kids but also adults for SAP community events like “SITKIDS”, “SAP Learn Hack Play”, Hackathons, Team building, and more.

SAP D-shop and SAP Mentors are sponsoring and supporting these efforts with cool and fun material, and now opening for public.

Meet Cameron Rouse from d-shop, Kati Fischer from SAP Mentors and the mini-developers (kids) Phil Fischer and Jasper and Emily Rouse. Learn why it exists and how it operates. See some real life examples from different locations. d-shop wants to change the world and save people and employees lives from boredom, depression and anxiety. D-shop wants innovation to be fun, open to new ideas and technology and have a common purpose that unites. It’s a culture thing. Learn how you can support d-shop activities and connect with other like-minded individuals.

As a special we might have a play-lab where you can play around during breaks.

Information about d-shop:     //


SAP Community

SIT Kids



Christian Schuff


SAP Community

A different approach to UI testingInstead of covering Unit and Integration Testing with QUnit, Sinon and OPA5 once again we will look at a different approach to UI testing.


SAP Fiori




Conrad DonauConradDonau

Prototyping (not only) Fiori applications with

In this session we’re going to take a look on, a very powerful tool for rapid prototyping Fiori applications. You’re going to see how easy it becomes to

  • Develop and design clickable prototypes
  • Discuss in a very collaborative way your prototype with an audience
  • Review results of your studies (e.g. heatmaps, clickpaths)
  • Export your Fiori application in SAP WebIDE via Plugin (or on your own what ever server)

In this hands-on we will design, discuss and develop a sitFRA Fiori prototype application in less than 30 minutes.

SAP Fiori


Sylvia Barnard@sylviabarnardSuperwomen in a Men's World?My personal survival kit created from many situations in testosterone-filled waters. Talk and discussion.Non Technical Track 
Jörg Siebertauthor bioSAP STARTUP - Experiences after 7 yearsI would like to share 10 milestones when founding a company in the SAP ecosystem. From idea to business plan, changing job , first steps with the new company, IT infrastructure, from prototype to production and adjusting the plan and company concept. This presentation is a restrospective of a matured startup and should give the audience inspiration what might happen when you found your own company.


Non Technical

Andre Fischerauthor bioOData V4

OData V4 offers new features and will be the protocol of choice for new ABAP programming model.

Because of the down-port of (parts of) the SAP Gateway framework the development of OData V4 services is a an option also right now if you cannot wait as described in my blog OData service development options.

In my session I would like to walk you through a basic OData V4 service implementation that uses an ABAP code based implementation




SAP Gateway



SAP Blog
Roland Kramer@RolandKramer

NetWeaver EhP, FP, Innovation Stack, etc. - everything to understand from 7.31 onwards



alternative topic could be:

Upgrade to S/4 1709 FP01 - fast track and tipps


BW on or for HANA, what's the difference


SAPHostAgent und SAP IQ Installation. Behind the scene ...


Marina Pontjakova@MPontjakova
InnoJam: Open your Innovative Thinking Right NowAbstract: The three major points will be discussed:
1. How to create an innovative idea - 3 basic rules and approaches
2. Interactive Brainstorming with the participants based on rules (Exercise)
3. The demo of the latest project from SAP Forum Basel 2018 which will be made by our team
Call for Papers closed




Low, aiming at €20 per participant - including lunch and drinks throughout the day.
Speakers selected for the agenda will be free of charge.


The event language is:  English
We expect to have some friends of outside Germany with us.
(we may offer a simultaneous translation to Hessian (wink) for the local participants)


Use the #sitFRA hashtag and follow @_sitfra

Agenda 2018

Will be driven by the session suggestions of all participants and published March 2nd 2018 

Interactive version:      Outdated example of 2017


Evening Event 


A tradition of our InsideTrack is the pre- and after meetup downtown Frankfurt.
We were very happy to have a relaxing evening downtown Frankfurt with about 40 participants in the last years. Let's repeat that!
 (It's pay-your-own-bill and not covered by the event entrance fee)


For all participants who are arriving the day before .. and the participants of the friday event we'll meet up at Zu den 12 Aposteln ( starting 19:00. The restaurant has some traditional delicious dishes and home made beer. It is located near the S-Bahn/U-Bahn stop "Konstablerwache". 

We’ll be leaving Rödelheim together and travel with the S-Bahn to Konstablerwache located in Frankfurt City. From there we have short walk of about 5 minutes.


Visit the home of the #SAPStammtischFRA. The place where the idea for an SAPInsideTrack in Frankfurt was born end of 2014.

We’ll be leaving Rödelheim together and travel with the S-Bahn to Lokalbahnhof located in Frankfurt Sachsenhausen. If you’d like to get a glimpse of Frankfurt’s famous skyline we'll step out of the S-Bahn one stop earlier and walk the remaining distance – crossing over the Main river with a beautiful view of Frankfurt’s old town and city center with all those famous skyscrapers.

Location: Apfelwein DAX  

Local restaurant with classic Hessian food and drink specialties. We’ll introduce you to “Grüne Sauce” (green sauce), “Schneegestöber” (snow flurry), “Handkäs” (hand cheese) and “Apfelwein” (apple wine) and you will love it! But of course the Schnitzel is also part of the recommended menu (wink)

Address: Willemerstr. 11 // 60594 Frankfurt //  (German)  or (GoogleMaps)   

Participants SAP Inside Track Frankfurt 2018   

Registration for participants is open:    Eventbrite

(we are already sold out .. but you can add yourself to the waiting list)

Travel hints


This custom map might help you.   

We flagged several points like #sitFRA location, hotels, local transportation, places of evening events, e-charging and other relevant stuff.

Hotel suggestions

This year the hotel situation looks quite good. That means low prices at the moment and plenty hotels around are available.

We recommend to book with cancellation option.

Depending on your arrival and your plans to join us in the pub on Friday and/or Saturday hotels around the train line might be a good choice  (Check the map above to get an idea.)
Some examples .. and to find hotel buddys for the hotel bar.





(just a hint)

Who stays?

Rödelheimer Hof

Pro: Near venue (900m) and parking places
Pro: Hotel bar checked in former years by sitFRA participants (wink)
Cons: not close to the evening locations


Roland Knipp (Fr-So)

Hannah Knipp (Fr-So)

Tudor Riscutia, Melanie Schnabl (Fr→So)

Andre Fischer (Fr-Sa)

Fabian Lehmann

Fam. Flaman (Fr.)

Savoy Hotel Pro: Close to main station
Cons: not good for car travellers
Motel One
Frankfurt Messe €69

Christian Lechner,

Łukasz Pegiel


Public Transportation

Perfect connection (9 minutes ride) via public transportation  (S3,S4,S5) from Frankfurt Hbf (MainStation), choose "Frankfurt Rödelheim Bahnhof" as target location.

Train ride

In case you arrive by train: Share your connection to find others for your personal #sitFRA warm-up

Coming from




Passau (09:34)ICE228Christian Lechner-  
Bern (06:04) Jakob Flaman   
Car Sharing

Coming from


Starting: Th/Fr/Sa HH:MM
Leaving: Th/Fr/Sa HH:MM


Count me in (add your name)

Pickup point

BlieskastelŁukasz Pęgiel

Starting Friday arround 16:30 / 17:00

Leaving from FRA to Poland so no way back

3 or 4 (will see at rental company)  
MünchenAndreas Gautsch

Friday 6:00 am, leaving Sunday, 10:00 am


Mannheim? Heidelberg? Neustadt


looking for a ride!!

Kati FischerSaturday   
FrankenthalChristian Schuff

Starting: Saturday, 8-8:30 am

Leaving: Saturday, 4:30-5:00 pm

PassauTudor RiscutiaStarting: Friday, 12:30-13:002  

Additional things

Sponsors (THANK YOU so much for supporting the Community!)

We are kindly supported by:

    AOK Systems










Syskoplan Reply













This enables us to keep the event fee low to none.


Pre-Event  (Friday): 2x CodeJam in Frankfurt

Registration for Pre-Event CodeJams on March 9th open:


Any tips to take into account? 

  • Dress casual, it's a community event - not a business event. And it is Saturday. (wink)
  • If you register yourself, please show up at the event. Otherwise we will really miss you - and someone who was just on the waiting list will be very sad.
    If anything crosses your plans.. please cancel your registration!
    It helps us to fill up the list with people from the waiting list.
    We were happy to have a nearly 100% percent show-up rate at the last events and many happy faces. Let's repeat that! 
  • More tips from your side as a participant? Please list them, contact us and help making it a day to remember!

 Organizing Team

The event is organized by  Christian BraukmüllerTobias Trapp and Hendrik Neumann with a lot of help from the local SAP Stammtisch Frankfurt.

You can get in touch with us via email:  info @ or twitter: @_sitfra

or contact our experts (wink) directly via Twitter.





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  1. Hi, anyone driving Saturday evening after the evening event in direction Mannheim/Heidelberg/Kaiserslautern? I would need a ride back to a trainstation. 

    Thanks - Kati !!! (smile)