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This is to describe how to make the table value in the DDLBs sorted alphabetically by key or by value. And how to set the customizing on User/Role/System level.


On CRM WebClient UI, the items of some drop down lists, like Categorization Schema, are not sorted alphabetically according to the Text descriptions.

When showing the Key value of the items, you will find the items are sorted by Key value.


The sort of DDLB value list can be controlled at application level and also by customizing. Here, we describes how to set the customizing according to different requirements.

  • For a particular user, please change the personalization following the steps below:
  1. Logon on CRM WebClient UI and go to Personalization.
  2. Click on Personalization Settings.
  3. In Dropdown Lists part in the Personalization popup, mark Sorting order by Value and make sure "Allow Application to override" is marked as "No".
  4. Save the personalization change. Then the DDLB will be sorted by the Text Description Alphabetically for the corresponding user.
  5. You can select the option "By Key" to sort the DDLB list by the Key values. 

Please note: When changing the personalization, mark "Allow Application to override" as "No" to avoid the Application setting overrides the personalization of framework.

  • For System/Role level change, please change the personalization on SAP GUI by following the steps below:
    1. Logon SAP GUI and run T-code "SPERS_MAINT".
    2. For Role Leve, select the check box of "Role" and input the corresponding Business role/PFCG role, for System level, select check box of "System". Then Click "Edit Objects" or press F2 button.
    3. Find the personalization object key "WCF_DDLB_OVERRIDE" and "WCF_DDLB_SORTING".
    4. Change the value of the two object key as: WCF_DDLB_OVERRIDE= "X", WCF_DDLB_SORTING="Value"(Text Description)/"Key"(Key value).
    5. Save the change.

Please note: WCF_DDLB_OVERRIDE set to X means the personalization settings in UI will override the Application settings.

<Possible Issue>

  • After changing the personalization at Role level/System level using T-code "SPERS_MAINT", when user checks the DDLB sorting on WebUI, the Value list is not sorted as the Personalization made. This may be because of that there are Personalization setup on User level. As per designed, Personalization data is read by method CL_THTMLB_PERSONALIZATION->GET_PERS_DATA, the personalization data is checked on 4 levels, 1 User level, 2 Business role level, 3 PFCG role level, 4 System level. And the process will stop immediately once there is personalization data found on one level. It means, if there is personalization maintained on user level, personalization on other levels will never be read.
  • Table "SPERS_OBJ" contains the personalization records customized in the system basing on each personalization object key. In the table, PERS_TYPE indicate which level the personalization record is customized. Value "A" is on Role level, Value "U" is on User level and Value " " is on System level.
  • If the system level personalization is not reflected for any particular user, please do check in the mentioned table if there is any personalization record for the user exists already. If so, please delete the relevant record for the particular user from table "SPERS_OBJ".

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