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This page explains how third-party subcontracting works in S/4HANA systems.


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<Testing environment>

This test case is tested on S/4HANA 1610 system. Release of software component S4CORE is SAPK-10103INS4CORE.

<Customizing settings>

In t-code OPP1 → Material Requirements Planning → Master Data → Define Special Procurement Type, define a special procurement type 20 as below:

<Master data settings>

  1. OMIZ : Create subcontracting MRP areas 0001-SUB for vendor 100982
  2. MM01:Create the following materials with settings listed


    plant: 0001

    Procurement type

    Special procurement type

    Production version

    MRP area assignment in MM02

    Subcontracting assembly : NG_SUB_3party



    Must create with BOM selection


    Component : NG_SUB_3party_CMP




    0001-SUB, special procurement  type = 20

  3. CS01: Create BOM
    header material:NG_SUB_3party
    plant : 0001
    BOM usage : 1
    component : NG_SUB_3party_CMP
    quantity : 1
  4. ME11: create subcontracting info record for material NG_SUB_3party with auto sourcing.

<Test steps and results>

  1. Create a requirement for material NG_SUB_3party, eg. create a PIR in MD61.
  2. Run MRP by MD01N.

    results of MD01N:

  3. Check the result of MD04 for assembly NG_SUB_3party. A subcontracting PR from vendor 100982 is created in plant 0001:
  4. Check the result of MD04 for subcontracting component NG_SUB_3party_CMP.
    In MRP area 0001-SUB, a subcontracting requirement from vendor 100982 is created and a purchase requisition is created.

    In plant 0001, there is nothing.
  5. Check the purchase requisition of component in ME53N. The field supplier is filled as 100982 and indicator "SC supp." is set.

  6. Convert the purchase requisition of component to a purchase order.
  7. Post goods recipt of the purchase order in MIGO.

  8. Stock is posted to vendor stock and is shown in MD04:

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