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This page explains how to configure icons for the Succession Org Chart. 


In the Succession Org Chart, it is possible to display icons in the position node representing the employee's Talent Flags, such as Risk Of Loss, Impact of Loss, Minority, etc. To see what the icons look like see the Wiki Page Succession Org Chart v12 - Functionality Overview - Layout and Display Options. This week page points to resources on how to configure the icons and lists what standard elements can be configured as icons. 

How to configure Icons for the Succession Org Chart? 

For information on how to configure the icons, refer to the Succession Implementation Guide - Configuring Icons for the Succession Org Chart.

What to use for the "value" in the SOC XML configuration?

When configuring icons for the Succession Org Chart, you will need to specify the "value" XML tag to map an icon to each value that the field can hold. What to use for the "value" XML tag depends on the field type:

  • Picklist fields: use the "minValue" from the picklist option. For example, in the picklist "impactOfLoss", the minValue is 1. Therefore, the "value" XML tag will be: <value>1.0</value>
  • Boolean fields: since boolean fields only hold the values "true" or "false", you need to use this value. Example: <value>true</value>
  • Gender field: the "gender" standard element is an exception. You should use the values "M" (male) or "F" (female) for this field. Example: <value>M</value>


For guidance and troubleshooting in the form of decision tree, please see SAP Guided Answers - Succession Org Chart - Icons/Talent Flags are not displaying

Supported Standard Elements and their Mapping Values

Succession Data Model ID


Mapping values

Icon Support for SOC v12

addressLine1addr1No enumeration – textOption only     
addressLine2addr2No enumeration – textOption only     
benchStrengthbenchStrengthCan be a picklist      
businessPhonebiz_phoneNo enumeration – textOption only     
businessSegmentbusinessSegmentCan be a picklist      
citizenshipcitizenshipCan be a picklist      
citycityNo enumeration – textOption only     
competencycompetencyLatest sysOverallCompetency rating, us­ing the normalized matrix competency scale
countrycountryNo enumeration – textOption only     
custom01-15custom01, custom02, etc.No enumeration – textOption only   
sysOverallCustom1customrating1Latest sysOverallCustom1 rating, using the normalized matrix custom1 scale 
sysOverallCustom2customrating2Latest sysOverallCustom2 rating, using the normalized matrix custom2 scale 
dateOfBirthdateOfBirthNo enumeration – textOption only (date format)   
dateOfPositiondateOfPositionNo enumeration – textOption only (date format)   
departmentdepartmentEnumerated. Automatically retrieved from the company’s department list  
divisiondivisionEnumerated. Automatically retrieved from the company’s division list  
emailemailNo enumeration – textOption only     
empIdempIdNo enumeration – textOption only     
ethnicityethnicityCan be a picklist      
faxfaxNo enumeration – textOption only     
firstNamefirstNameNo enumeration – textOption only     
functionfunctionCan be a picklist      
futureLeaderfutureLeadertrue, false       
gendergenderM , F       
hireDatehireDateNo enumeration – textOption only (date format)   
impactOfLossimpactOfLossCan be a picklist      
jobCodejobCodeNo enumeration – textOption only     
keyPositionkeyPositiontrue , false       
lastNamelastNameNo enumeration – textOption only     
lastReviewDatelast_review_dateNo enumeration – textOption only (date format)   
levellevelCan be a picklist      
locationlocationEnumerated. Automatically retrieved from the company’s location list  
managerIdmanagerIdNo enumeration – textOption only     
marriedmarriedtrue , false       
matrix1labelmatrix1labelLatest performance/potential matrix grid placement. No enumeration - tex­tOption
matrix2labelmatrix2labelLatest How vs. What matrix grid place­ ment. No enumeration
matrixManagedmatrixManagedtrue , false       
mimiNo enumeration – textOption only     
minorityminoritytrue , false       
nationalitynationalityCan be a picklist      
newToPositionnewToPositiontrue , false       
objectiveobjectiveLatest sysOverallObjective rating, using the normalized matrix objective scale 
performanceperformanceLatest sysOverallPerformance rating, using the normalized matrix perform­ ance scale
potentialpotentialLatest sysOverallPotential rating, using the normalized matrix potential scale 
reasonForLeavingreasonForLeavingCan be a picklist      
reviewFreqreview_freqNo Enumeration – textOption only     
riskOfLossriskOfLossCan be a picklist      
serviceDateserviceDateNo enumeration – textOption only (date format)   
ssnssnNo enumeration – textOption only     
statestateNo enumeration – textOption only     
talentPooltalentPoolCan be a picklist      
titletitleNo enumeration – textOption only     
userIduserIdNo enumeration – textOption only     
usernameusernameNo enumeration – textOption only     
zipCodezipNo enumeration – textOption only     

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