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Sometimes there happens strange errors especially during the create process. The reason of this error is often a bad configuration in the configuration files of the frontend installation.

To support the key users and administrators to have a "clean" configuration there exists in the Admin-Menu a function to check the consistence of the frontend settings.

This check is done for admin-users during start of ECTR automatically. If there exists issues, the admin will get an information UI: "The current configuration has errors or inconsistencies...." / "Die aktuelle Konfiguration hat Fehler oder ist inkonsistent..." (E02407 = Incorrect configurations. See audit report for details. / E02407 = Fehlerhafte Konfigurationen. Siehe Auditbericht für Details.)


This check was specially designed to detect any inconsistencies in the configuration of ECTR. This check runs automated during startup with an admin user.

Function in general

This function checks:

  • the document type used
  • the workstation application used
  • whether a status is specified and this status exists in the status network of the document type


To use this function, the function fnc.configuration.audit must be set (is set in admin menu by default).

This function generates a report in the Audit Evaluation Viewer. You can use this report to progressively eliminate errors.

Rotate the output view for a better overview of the found issues.

Handling results of the check tool

  • The results returned by this check may or may not have something to do with the reported symptom / problem.
  • Even if an output error has nothing directly to do with the reported symptom, all outputs that include DType-related issues are to be taken seriously in the context of a stable solution! If it does not concern this problem, then just any other.
  • In order to solve a reported problem, all errors reported by the checker must be solved so that attention can be focused on the essentials.

Results in detail

  • The results returned by "SuitableOrigin" point to a possible configuration problem of the preferences and can be ignored. ECTR itself "does not care" whether you set a global preference in the default.txt file, for instance, of NX - it's just not very clear because you wouldn't search for this preference there.
  • The results that highlight DType-related issues are always to be taken seriously and need to be fixed!
    • Example: "Document type '52H' does not exist" => In the frontend dtype.xml the document type '52H' is mentioned which does not exist in backend DC10 configuration. 
    • TODO: You either have to create the document type (dokar) in backend (transaction DC10) or remove the configuration in the frontend dtype.xml. 


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