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To use the functionality of multilingual languages in Portfolio Management the Switch 0007/0050 must be set to: 'X' = enabled or 'M' = mandatory.
When the functionality of Multilanguage is used in a portfolio the masterlanguage is available in field "MASTER LANGUAGE" in table /RPM/PORTFOLIO_D.


The setting of the switch 0007/0050 ('X' = enabled, 'M' = mandatory, ' ' = disabled) is fetched at coding line:


IF ms_master_language_enablement IS INITIAL.
          iv_area          cl_rpm_co=>sc_whatif_area
          iv_name          cl_rpm_co=>sc_master_language
          et_settingsvalue lt_settings.


The important class here is /RPM/CL_LANGUAGE_API with methods like - GET_PORTFOLIO_MASTER_LANGUAGE, SET_CURRENT_LANGUAGE , ...




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