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User gets one of these errors:


To analyze this issue you can do several checks:
  1. Exclude ECTR download error: Check with Report DMS_KPRO_READ if it possible to load the originals for the DIR. 
  2. Exclude Cache-Server malfunction: Try to load the URL with report RSHTTP20 and RFC Destination SAPHTTPA (see note 164203).
  3. Check for inconsistencies between Content Server and R/3 with report DMS_KPRO_CHECK1 (See note 906266).
  4. Check performance and reliability of content server with report RSHTTP80 (see note 579366).
  5. Analyze last check-in: Find in the change log of the DIR the last check-in and search in the appropriate ECTR - Logs for an check-in error message.
  6. Search in transaction SLG1 with the timestamp of the last login for any error message.
  7. Check for aborted check-ins in table CDESK_SRV_TEMP with transaction SE16n.
  8. If you have a bad network, change ECTR frontend configuration "" and "".
  9. The content server belongs to component:  BC-SRV-KPR-CS
    1. Follow instructions in note 761387 - SAP Content Server support information
    2. Check IIS settings as described here: and
    3. Check the trace of the content server. Therefore you have to activate FULLTRACE for the content server with "FullTrace=1".

      1. 1. TA CSADMIN
        2. Select the HTTP Server Tab
        3. Give the host name and the port number where the content server is installed and hit enter Hit enter ... Rest of the values are defaulted
        In CSADMIN Transaction
        4. Go to Settings tab
        5. Change mode.
        6. Select "All Repositories" in Drop down box
        7. Set the parameter FullTrace=1
        8. Save the Settings.
        For the parameter to be effective the IIS Needs to be restarted. This means on Content Server machine you need to execute "iisreset" on command prompt. Now The trace will be available under the Content Server Installation folder by name cs_trace.txt.
    4. Check other content server notes: 
      1. Windows: See note 2005308 / Apply the note 2472455 - IIS sporadically hangs with SAP Content Server
      2. Unix: See notes  664384, 761387, 586895, 1983930

A 404 error is often returned when content has been moved or deleted for whatever reason.

A 500 error is often returned from the cache server if the content server can not be reached.

The error "Error Stream Closed transferring file" is often returned from content server because of firewall - or network security restrictions. 

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