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  • Example: QueryProvider&Non-Cumulatives
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In the following, we show a very simple example of a query which contains non-cumulative key figures and which is used as Infoprovider(see QueryProvider).

The query contains two non-cumulative key figures and is restricted to a certain date. In addition to 0calday, the characteristics Plant and Material are in the drilldown. The query result for two different dates(end of July and August) is as follows(displayed in Transaction RSRT):

Calender Day = 31.07.2015

 Calender Day = 31.08.2015

Query Properties 'Query used as InfoProvider'

With tghis setting the query can be used as a source of a transformation. In our case, the target is an ADSO(without ncum key figures!).



So, e.g. the non-cumulative key figure 'Quantity Total Stock' is assigned to the cumulative key figure STPE_STck(Snapshot Stock Value). We executed the DTP once for Calender Day = 31.07.2015 and once for Calender Day = 31.08.2015.

Content of ADSO checked with Transaction LISTCUBE:

In the target ADSO, we can see the query results for the two dates. The key figures are 'normal' cumulative key figures but, of course, aggregation over time characteristics does normally not make any sense!




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