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This page is to provide basic information about BRF+ message determination in MM.


S/4 HANA systems use the BOPF (Business Object Processing Framework) for the message determination.

2 channels are supported

The BRFplus output determination supports two output channels:



Output parameter determination - OPD or application callback (email)

As described in the S/4 HANA wiki related to Output Management, email output parameter can either be determined via the application callback or via Output Parameter Determination  (OPD - BRF+ rule). It is possible to use both method at the same time for determining different output information, however, the OPD has always priority over the application callback.

Output Control - Documents

Output Control - Channel EMAIL

Using the OPD (BRF+ rule)

If the output parameter are determined by a BRF+ rule, You can access and check the determination rules at following SPRO path:

SAP Customizing Implementation Guide → Cross-Application Components → Output Control → Define Business Rules for Output Determination


The parameters are displayed in a browser. To avoid http access, it is possible to download the BRF+ settings in xml format using the transaction FDT_HELPERS, as described in this guide: Checking the BRF+ settings without HTTP access


After that, You can display determination rules and start simulation:

Make sure the email type code is also maintained, not only the email address.


The coding enables two output channels: EMAIL and PRINT (method _PARAMETER_DETERMINATION of CL_APOC_OR_A_ROOT_DET_ITEMS).

For more detailed technical and debugging information, check page Debugging guide to BRF+ parameter determination .


Using application callback


If the email data are set by the application callback, the application needs a callback class. The MM callback class for the PO output, implementing the interface IF_APOC_COMMON_API is


You can find this in SPRO customizing as well, at following path:

SPRO -> Cross-Application Components -> Output Control -> Define output type -> double click the output type


The methods of the callback class are called by a method of the implementing class of the BORF determination. You can find the determination, along with the class in BOBF transaction, under the Business Object APOC_OUTPUT_REQUEST.

For example, sender data are determined by the determination DETERMINE_SENDER_DATA, which has implementing class CL_APOC_OR_D_ITEM_SENDER_DATA, which is calling the method IF_APOC_COMMON_API~GET_DATA_FOR_SENDER of the MM callback class CL_MM_PUR_PO_OUTPUT_CALLBACK.

In BOBF transaction, You can find this determination:



The sender email address is the purchasing group email address, stored in table T024, which can be set in spro transaction at following path:


Materials Management → Purchasing Create → Purchasing Groups 

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