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  • HCPR: Show Audit Characteristics in Query (0REQTSN)
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Important Points to Know

  • If the flag is not set in the HCPR, the queries can only use the 0REQTSN in the filter. For all other usage, the query generation fails with: BRAIN409: Characteristic Request TSN is not permitted for navigation
  • To use the navigation attributes 0REQTSN__0AUSER und 0REQTSN__0ASOURCE the audit characteristics flag needs to be set.

Example for audit characteristics in an InfoCube

See the SAP Community Blog: BPC Embedded Model Auditing Feature in aDSO and InfoCube

Example for audit characteristics0REQTSN, 0AUSER and 0ASOURCE in aDSO and HCPR

Prerequisite Note: 2341545 Support Auditing for aDSO 

As described in the Online Help, use a DataStore object (advanced) with the modeling property All Characteristics are Key, Reporting on Union of Inbound and Active Table: In this type of InfoProvider, the data audit is a fixed component and is always active.  

Sample 1: Planning on Cube like

Sample 2: Planning on Direct Update

However, it is invisible in the field/InfoObject list of the aDSO.

In the HCPR set the flag 'Show Audit Characteristics in Query'.

Again this has no impact on the output field list visible in the HCPR definition.

But, when defining a query on this HCPR, the characteristics 0REQTSN and its navigation attributes are available for defining and audit query:

In the Query Result the characteristic 0REQTSN (Request TSN) and it's navigation attribut ASOURCE can be drilled down to udnerstand a value better. In the following screenshot is is visible that the data some data was loaded (WHM) and some data came in via an input ready query and planning (NRAUDITQ3)


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