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The purpose of this page is to explain the text formatting behaviors of the Development Plan fields when viewing the page and when printing it. 


There are some fields ("name", "desc" and enum type field) that can be formatted differently from the other fields, depending on how they are configured. This can be potentially confusing for the end user, so customers should use those special fields in a way that is compatible with the purpose of each field. 

"name" field

Whenever you are using a “name” field, the field value appears in a larger font on the application UI only when the field is positioned as the first column within the development plan table. However, when you print the goal plan, the “name” field value always appears in a larger font regardless of the field’s position within the goal plan table.

Example: Objective field.

"desc" field

The "desc" field will display in a smaller font both in the application UI and when printing only when it is positioned as the first column within the development plan table. 

Example: Description" field.

ENUM fields

The ENUM fields have the "style" attribute that can be configured for each of the options, which allows to specify some CSS styling, like the background and text color. The configured background and text color will display both in the Development Plan view and when printing.

What can happen is to have the style for one of the options configured as style="background: white; color: black;", which makes the background white and the text color black. So, the color of the field will be black, as opposed to the light grey color of the other regular fields.

Example: Status field.

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