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SAP Screen Personas (next)


Compare SAP Screen Personas versions

SAP SCREEN PERSONAS KNOWLEDGE BASE - by Denis Shudegov , Peter Spielvogel


SAP Screen Personas 3.0 version

Core Features


Release date (year / month)

2017 / 12

2018 / 05

2018 / 12

2019 / 06

2019 / 11

2020 / 05

Hide elements

Change on-screen labels

Combine tabs

Insert new controls

Automate actions (JavaScript-based scripting)

Themes, including SAP Fiori themes

Template library with template editor

Quick path navigation (keyboard shortcuts)

SAP S/4HANA support

Integrated authentication model

Adaptive designs

Integrated best practices


Mobile Features


Render any Web GUI transaction on tablet (Slipstream Engine)

Render any Web GUI transaction on phone (Slipstream Engine)

Flavor editor in Slipstream Engine


Mobile preview in flavor editor


Adaptive flavor switching


Numerical keyboard




Upgrade required for support


Security updates only


Critical fixes only


Full support


Additional Features


Viewport API


Quick copy of flavor URLs and IDs


Manage parent and adaptive flavors as a collection


Viewport editor


Right-click shortcuts in editor


Advanced table features for Slipstream Engine


Type-ahead search in Slipstream Engine


Global scripts


Seamless SAP Fiori launchpad integration


SAP Fiori 3 support


Cut/paste for controls (useful for merging tabs)


Clipboard / Parking lot for merging tabs


Keyboard shortcuts for undo / redo


More SAPUI5 versions supported in Slipstream Engine




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