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The automatic recording of changes in a client depends on various settings in the system and the customizing object.
The transport setting for corresponding object will has to be checked.
The procedure is:
1.  Call transaction SE54.
2.  Enter the Customizing object (view or table).
3.  Select  Generated objects.
4.  Choose Create/Change.
5.  Select  Standard recording routine radiobutton in the bottom part of the screen.
6.  Save the change.
7.  Confirm this  warning message You are changing a function group which does not belong to you  with  Enter  key and proceed processing.

The autoamtic recording also depends on the client settings in SCC4.

1. Goto SCC4 transaction.
2. Open the details of the client you have logged in.
3. For client specific settings, set it to it to  Automatic recording of changes.
4. Save the changes.

With these settings, any change made to the client specific object in client will be automatically asked to record the changes into a transport request.
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