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Welcome to the official SAP Inside Track Maidenhead info page - this is your last chance to attend a SAP Inside Track event in the UK before Brexit (smile)

The theme of the event is "Data", so we will be discussing topics such as Data Science, Machine Learning, Analytics, BI/BW, integration, and so on.

The conference language will be English. 

Maidenhead is fairly close to London, just 20 minutes from Windsor and about 40 minutes by train from either central London or Heathrow Airport. There is a shuttle bus available from the railway station to the SAP office. If you are driving it is easily accessible from the A404(M) which connects the M4 and M40 motorways.

The event is on a Friday, so why not bring the family and make a long weekend of it to visit Maidenhead, Windsor and London?

When and how to register?

Where will it take place?

SAP Inside Track 


Objects House, Vanwall Business Park 
Vanwall Road 

Who should attend?

Inside Track is from the SAP community for the SAP community: customers, consultants, developers, freelancers, blogger, nerds and geeks ... - But also for absolute rookies! The important thing of the entire event: share your knowledge, learn great new stuff and gain new buddies.

We would particularly welcome students, people early in their career and people from groups traditionally underrepresented in tech. For these groups we are happy to reimburse travel expenses from within the London & Thames Valley region - just contact one of the organisers after the event with a copy of your train/bus ticket, etc.


The event is for FREE (free, as in free beer), including drinks during the event and lunch.

The pre-conference event is completely free, i.e. everybody pays her/his own drinks & food, although we will have some money behind the bar to pay for an initial drink or two.

Pre-conference social event location

Stammtisch is Thursday 14th at The Union pub, Paddington, London from 18:30 (table booked for 'SAP').

Conference Code of Conduct

Short version: “Don't act inappropriately. If someone is inappropriate towards you, or you see someone behaving inappropriately towards someone else, please talk to one of the organisers.”

Longer version: See here


Time slotMain Room (~100 people)Small Room (~12 people)
8:30 - 9:00Arrival & coffee
9:00 - 9:30

Welcome & introduction

The Inside Track organisers

9:30 - 10:10

Maggie Buggie , Global Head of SAP Innovation Services

10:15 - 10:55

Marta Velasco
 Generations X, Y or Z


Lightning Talks
 1. Phillip Parkinson - My experience of writing a book for SAP Press. Slides
 2. SAP Innovation Labs UK | Why we created
 3. Jan van Ansem - Help a friend: how the Developers community can help to get Data Warehousing development up to date with modern development technology. Slides

11:00 - 11:30Coffee break
11:30 - 12:10Bartosz Jarkowski
 SAP NetWeaver and Microsoft Azure - a perfect fit!

Volker Stöffler
 SQL Anywhere - from DBoT to Enterprise IT

SAP SQL Anywhere Product Page Developer Edition Download

12:15 - 12:55

Svea Becker
 Reactivation of body & mind. Slides

Birds-of-a-feather roundtable discussion
DJ Adams - JavaScript - a look at ES6 features and lightweight functional programming style.
13:00 - 14:00Lunch
14:00 - 14:40Sarah Ross
 Mind-full or Mindful - why wellbeing data matters. Slides

Michael Koch
 Help! We’re implementing S/4! Here is how I prepare… Slides

14:45 - 15:25DJ Adams
 Easy data services with CAPM

 Volker Stöffler
 SAP IQ - Business Intelligence and vertical data processing with 16 GB RAM or less

Slides Linux Scripts Windows Scripts Load Data: Years 19nn 200n 201n IQ Express Edition download

15:30 - 16:00Coffee break
16:00 - 16:40

Tom Wagstaff and Sukhil Patel
 Altruistic algorithms: bringing the power of data science to the charity sector


Lightning Talks
 1. Iago Conde - Data quality in planning processes

 2. Darren Hague - SAP Data Science & Machine Learning Platform

16:45 - 17:25Chris Kernaghan
 Using Jupyter Notebooks with you SAP system

Birds-of-a-feather roundtable discussion
 Darren Hague - How do you see data science and/or machine learning being used in your organisation?

17:30 - 18:00Wrap-up

Sessions suggestions

The Call for speakers is now closed - thank you for your submissions!

Main room sessions

30 minutes talk, 10 mins Q&A. We plan to have 7 sessions during the day.

Speaker (First Last)Title of talkDescriptionAdditional Information (SCN, XING, ...) 
DJ AdamsEasy data services with CAPMWith SAP's Cloud Application Programming Model it's ridiculously easy to create backend services to store and serve your data. In this session we'll build a simple OData service by using the Core Data & Services language and the power of out-of-the-box extendable CRUD+Q services provided by the programming model infrastructure. No slides, just hacking on stuff in real time.
Chris KernaghanUsing Jupyter Notebooks with you SAP systemHow can you use Jupyter Notebooks to create automatically updating documentation for your landscape. In this session I will show how you can create a Jupyter notebook and create a document which will pull data from your SAP application or database to populate documents with relevant information.
Bartosz JarkowskiSAP NetWeaver and Microsoft Azure - a perfect fit!Microsoft Azure is much more than just virtual machines. During the session I will present the less known services of the cloud platform and how you can use them together with your SAP landscape. Integration, security and a few words about Kubernetes and SAP Data Hub!
Michael KochHelp! We’re implementing S/4! Here is how I prepare…As a developer in an end customer SAP Team, preparing for an undertaking like a S/4 conversion and implementation can be a little overwhelming. This session is about my approach and plans on how to prepare and inform other team members in the build-up to S/4. 
Volker StöfflerWindows, Cubes & Rollups: OLAP Extensions in SQL

A core component in Business Intelligence is Online Analytical Processing (OLAP). It is based upon the aggregation of (usually many) rows to a (usually much smaller) result set. The SQL Standard contains some fundamental capabilities (MIN, MAX, AVG, SUM, ... functions, GROUP BY, HAVING). More advanced functionality is usually provided by applications. But there is an extension to SQL, implemented in SAP products HANA and IQ (and SQL Anywhere as a cross benefit from the relationship with IQ), which brings more powerful functionality into SQL and the database server itself. With more analytic capabilities closer to the data, there is potential for improvement, especially when dealing with extreme numbers of data rows aka Big Data.

Here, I'll introduce basics, principles and possible benefits of this SQL extension.

Key words: RDBMS, OLAP, SQL, Analytics, Database Server, Business Intelligence

Sarah RossMind-full or Mindful - why wellbeing data mattersA look into how wellbeing data can not only lead to improved productivity and bottom-line performance but make employees feel supported and valued, ultimately leading them to thriving in the workplace (and who doesn't want that!)
Tom Wagstaff and Sukhil PatelAltruistic algorithms: bringing the power of data science to the charity sector

DataKind is a global network of volunteer data scientists who help charities unlock their data to gain insights into their own work and broader insights about the issues they are tackling. Tom Wagstaff and Sukhil Patel are two professional data scientists and volunteers for DataKind. In this session, they will share how they use (open source and proprietary) tools and methods used for uncovering insights. They will also show highlights from some recent projects.
Last but not least, Tom and Sukhil will explain how you can get involved in DataKind’s next hackathon-style DataDive weekend!

Marta VelascoGenerations X, Y or Z

This session will discuss the importance of technology development in society

  • Technology in Society and the life on an everyday consumer
  • The impact of the technology generation gap
  • What technology can(NOT) do
  • What is SAP’s role?

Svea Becker

Reactivation of body & mind

Nowadays most everyone is stressed and strained of everyday life challenges. And not to forget the overload from social media impacts. Therefore, we should clean up our minds from time to time. Considering a holistic approach, I would like to take you on a journey where we are going to practice exercises of activity and relaxation and include short meditation moments.

Don’t worry, you are not going to sweat!

SAP Community profile

Small room sessions

Especially suitable for those who are nervous about presenting, or who are talking for the first time. A mixture of lightning talks (10 minutes each, 4 talks per session) and "birds-of-a-feather" sessions (40 minutes). We plan to have 8 sessions during the day.

Speaker/Moderator (First Last)Title of talk/sessionLightning talk or BOF session?Description
Darren HagueSAP Data Science & Machine Learning PlatformLightning talkA sneak preview of what SAP is working on in this space - you get to find out about it before the suits at SAPPHIRE (smile)
Darren HagueHow do you see data science and/or machine learning being used in your organisation?BOF sessionAn opportunity to share how data science & ML is being done (or planned), with or without SAP tools. Share tips, tricks & pain points.
Phillip ParkinsonMy experience of writing a book for SAP PressLightning talk
DJ AdamsJavaScript - a look at ES6 features and lightweight functional programming style.BOF sessionJavaScript is everywhere (see Atwood's Law), client side and server side alike. And it's a very expressive language which is fun to explore, and great for wrangling data. We'll do that a bit in this BOF session, with a programming challenge as a backbone to discussion and hacking.
Chris KernaghanWhere is DevOps going in SAP EcosystemLightning TalkSharing how I feel DevOps is developing within the SAP ecosystem.
Volker StöfflerSAP IQ - Business Intelligence and vertical data processing with 16 GB RAM or lessBOF sessionSAP IQ is a HANA companion for SDA / SDI and SAP BW NLS, to keep data way beyond memory limits accessible. But it also is a full-blown data warehouse system of its own, with column oriented data storage and powerful analytics capabilities. It can scale up to the world's largest data warehouse and down to desktop or notebook computers. This session is intended to show the benefits and capabilities of the vertical data structures used inside and their impact on high performance processing and parallel execution of Business Intelligence style queries.
Volker StöfflerSQL Anywhere - from DBoT to Enterprise ITBOF session

Starting from Embedded Databases for the Internet of Things, scaling up to Site or Work Group Level and integrating with Enterprise Level IT infrastructure, SAP SQL Anywhere is a standard compliant and full feature database server.

This session introduces capabilities and characteristics of this unsung hero in the SAP portfolio and shows matching use cases, architecture and topology.

SAP Innovation LabsSAP Innovation Labs UK | Why we created TukStop.ioLightning TalkSharing information on the SAP Innovation Labs latest project, Why it was built, what we show and how it brings IoT and other technologies together.
Iago CondeData quality in planning processesLightning TalkPlanning processes enable modern day businesses to understand their current performance and deliver long term strategies. The main pain points in this area can be: company culture and ways of working, adequate and scalable technology and integration of this business process with high quality data.
Jan van AnsemHelp a friend: how the Developers community can help to get Data Warehousing development up to date with modern development technology.Lightning Talk

The data warehousing community is facing a challenge: They are firmly stuck in XS and not nearly ready for XSA. This means they miss out on all the good stuff – new development paradigms, better modelling tools and a more agile approach to application lifecycle management. Through cross-disciplinary collaboration the development community can better understand what the needs from the data warehousing community are and the data warehousing community can quickly get up to speed with XSA, GIT, HDI, CDS and other essentials of the HANA Platform.
In this session, Jan will share some ideas for collaboration between the two disciplines.

Social Media

Twitter Hashtag: #sitMAI


Thank you to the SAP Community for providing financial support!


Thank you to Keytree for providing financial support!

Thank you to SAP for providing us with a home for the day!

Book Sponsors

Three lucky attendees will get a SAP Press e-book. Winners will be selected on the day of #sitMAI

Espresso Tutorials are providing a free 4-week trial to their SAP eBook library for all attendees who allow us to give them their email address.

They are also sending us 3 print books to give away on the day.

Contact & follow us 

The event is organised by Phillip Parkinson (SAP), Chris Kernaghan (MindTree), Darren Hague (SAP) and Jan van Ansem (MindTree).

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