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To outline steps and commands needed for collecting DirectConnect version information needed for diagnosing a problem.


A DirectConnect z/OS DB2 server is a middleware gateway that consists of of the following components for which version information is needed to properly analyze an issue:

DB2 Access Service Library (DB2AS)
Transaction Router Service (TRS)
OpenServer based and OpenClient CTLIB
Operating System

If you're not sure what type of DirectConnect component your installation is running (ie, TRS or DB2AS) then reference the following KnowlegeBase Article:
2502706 - How to determine the type of DirectConnect server a customer is using

Environment variables for MainframeConnect DirectConnect 

First, execute the DC_SYBASE script.   Some of the methods for obtaining the DirectConnect version string require you to connect to the DirectConnect service using the ISQL client and execute administrative commands.   In order for this to work you must initialize the proper environment variables using the provided script.

  1. For Windows  installations
    cd   C::\<install_dir>\DC-15_0
  2. For Unix installations
    cd  <install_dir>/DC-15_0
    source DC_SYBASE.csh             C shell
    ./                         Korn or Bourn shell

Unix environments offer a variety of shells, each with its own syntax requirements for executing shell scripts (ie, DC_SYBASE).  The above syntax works in most cases.  If you encounter difficulty executing the DC_SYBASE script, first check with your OS administrator for assistance.  

Now follow the steps below to collect the version information.

MainframeConnect DirectConnect DB2 Access Service (DB2AS) Version

Use one of the three methods listed below: 

  1. Using the ISQL client, connect to the DirectConnect DB2AS service and execute the following query:
    select @@version

  2. Execute the 'direct' binary as follows
    C::\<install_dir>\DC-15_0\bin\direct.exe -v                                                    Windows  
    <install_dir>/DC-15_0/bin/direct -v                                                                 Unix  
  3. Check the upper portion of the DirectConnect log located in
    C::\<install_dir>\DC-15_0\servers\<servername>\log\<servername>.log      Windows
    <install_dir>/DC-15_0/servers/<servername>/log/<servername>.log            Unix

MainframeConnect DirectConnect Transaction Router Service (TRS) Version


Use one of the three methods listed below:  

  1. Execute the 'direct' binary as follows
    C::\<install_dir>\DC-15_0\bin\direct.exe -v                                                     Windows
    <install_dir>/DC-15_0/bin/direct -v                                                                  Unix  
  2. Check the upper portion of the DirectConnect log located in the following sub-directory:
    C::\<install_dir>\DC-15_0\servers\<servername>\log\<servername>.log       Windows
    <install_dir>/DC-15_0/servers/<servername>/log/<servername>.log             Unix
  3. Using the ISQL client, connect to the DirectConnect TRS service and execute the following administrative procedure:
    exec sgw_status parms

OpenClient CTLIB and OpenServer Versions

  1. For Windows installations:
    cd  C::\<install_dir>\DC-15_0\connectivity\OCS-15_0\dll
     find "Sybase" libsybct.dll
     find "Sybase" libsybsrv.dll
  2. For Unix installations:
    cd  <install_dir>/DC-15_0/connectivity/OCS-15_0/lib
    strings libsybct.a | grep "Sybase"                   
    strings libsybsrv.a | grep "Sybase"

Operating System Version

Collect all of the items listed for your Operating System.

Select the Start button, then select Settings   > System > About.

oslevel -s
instfix -i | grep ML > aix_patch_level.txt

uname -r
showrev -p > solaris_patch_level.txt

uname -r
swlist -l patch > hpux_patch_level.txt

HP Itanium
uname -r
swlist -l patch > hpia_patch_level.txt

cat /etc/*releas*       (or   lsb_release -a)
uname -a
rpm -qa --last > Linux_package_level.txt

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