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Please note: Links to recordings and presentations can be found in the part of the agenda and will be completed during the next days. 

Impressions of #sitMAD (can't upload more pictures at the moment):


Recent changes:

Here YOU  have the chance to add value and pay forward: host a session at SAP Inside Track in Madrid. Share your experience and/or initiate a discussion and take new insights back home. Please note that all sessions are supposed to be between 35 to 40min. If your session is shorter or longer, you don't need to blow it up, please feel free to add it. If your session will need some more time, add your session and mention it. We will figure out how to handle it.If you have any questions or are unsure about how to do it: Contact us  ... contact data to be found at the bottom of this page. If your session is accepted, your ticket is guaranteed!  

Please check the corresponding section further down of how to propose your speech.  

Hello SAP World!


We are happy to announce the SAP Inside track in Madrid being celebrated on 26th of April. As usual we want to focus on new, innovative and interesting topics around SAP technoploy with deep insights and fun to know about it.

Take care, Philipp & Bernhard

Registration is open now. Is closed now

Please register for physical attendance at "Register here"

You are required to login with your (D|I|S|P)-User. If you don't have a SAP account yet, please get one at "Get an SAP User". It shouldn't take you more than 2 minutes and will take you to the event registration. In case of problems, feel free to send me an email (see below).

Note: Virtual attendance is possible via Live Stream (see corresponding section) and doesn't require a SAP-User of any type.

Thanks to Gregor Wolf for helping out with all this infrastructure.


26th of April 2019, SAP Madrid, C/ Torrelaguna 77, 28042 Madrid

Live Stream: Participate online, just in case you can't make it physically.

Please use the following link in order to join the event: Live Stream SAP Inside Madrid 2019.

Please download the client from There are also an Android App (link) and an IOS App (link) in the corresponding app stores available.

We decided to use Zoom as it offers superior stability, audio and video quality.

Speeches are planned to be available for offline viewing even after the event.

About Madrid

More about this fantastic city soon. Some information can be found already at


Visit Madrid

Target audience

Any SAP Techie around the world interesting in latest trends and technologies of the SAP universe. The event language will be English.


  What's happeningWhoDescription
9:159:30Access to the venue   
9:309:45Welcoming the attendeesBernhard/Philipp 

Our Digital Future - we can optimise for People, Planet, AND Profit (smile)

Link to the slides

Link to the recording

Tom Raftery

Digital Transformation, the Internet of Things and associated technologies (blockchain, machine learning, edge computing, etc.) are the latest buzz words in technology. Companies, and countries are scrambling to get up to speed on them before their competitors, or some young start-up gets there first and completely disrupts them. Right now, these digital innovation systems are, roughly speaking at the same level of maturity as the web was in 1995. So where are these new digital technologies taking us? What is coming down the line, and how will these changes affect my organisation, my wallet, and the planet? SAP Futurist and Innovation Evangelist Tom Raftery unpacks these trends and technologies and predicts where the next 10 years of Digitisation is bringing us.

Tom Raftery is a Global Vice President for SAP, a guest lecturer at the Instituto Internacional San Telmo, and a board advisor for a number of start-ups. Before joining SAP Tom worked as an independent industry analyst focusing on the Internet of Things, Energy and CleanTech and as a Futurist for Gerd Leonhardt’s Futures Agency. Tom has a very strong background in technology and social media having worked in the industry since 1991. He is the co-founder of an Irish software development company, a social media consultancy, and is co-founder of hyper energy-efficient data center Cork Internet eXchange. Tom also worked as an Analyst for industry analyst firm RedMonk, leading their GreenMonk practice for over 7 years.

10:3010:501st Breakfast & Networking  
10:5011:30Roadmap to Support for the Intelligent Enterprise: AI, Built-In Support, Automated Translation, RealTime Support and moreBernhard LückeBernhard is Head of the Global Support Center Spain .

Embedding your own machine learning in S/4HANA business processes with standard means

Link to the slides

Link to the recording

Philipp Nell

SAP HANA offers a large variety of built-in methods and technologies for "Advanced Analytics" aka ML, AI, Prediction, etc. In order to integrate this into your own developments in ABAP-centric environments like S/4HANA, we whow some methods to achieve this.

Philipp is working in the SAP eco-system for more than 20 years, almost all time in the area of SAP Business Intelligence. He has a master degree in Computer Science, aquired at the Technical University in Munich. He is currently working as an advisor for data management and (big) EDW for several international enterprises and teaching SAP HANA and BW/4HANA for SAP Education.

12:1512:302 nd breakfast & Networking  

SAP BPC: Optimized for S/4HANA vs BPC 11 for BW/4HANA - Which one to choose?

Link to the slides (to be put)

Link to the recording

Lara Pascual

SAP BPC has made a big step ahead since SAP HANA has appeared. Lara invites you to discover which are the features that make SAP BPC Optimized for S/4HANA and BPC 11.0 so unique and, depending on your business case, with which version you can get the most out of it.

Lara has worked in consultancy with SAP financial tools for more than 8 years in different companies around the world. She has a degree in Technical Engineering in Computer Science and teaches financial consolidation and planning with SAP BPC. She is currently working as a freelance consultant. 


Databases go multi-model

Link to the slides

Link to the recording

Vitaliy Rudnytskiy

Today organizations must handle many different types of data in various structures and formats – JSON documents, graph, spatial, time series, relational etc - to support a variety of use cases and workloads. Multi-model seems to be a natural step in the evolution of databases. The term "multi-model" describes an approach designed to support multiple data models against a single, integrated backend. A multi-model database is seen as a response to the Martin Fowler's "polyglot persistence" approach. In this talk we will look at the nature and the development of multi-model databases and will use two implementations as examples: OrientDB - the native multi-model built from ground up, and SAP HANA - a relational extended into multi-model.

Vitaliy (aka @Sygyzmundovych) works as a Developer Evangelist in the SAP CTO office. His main interest are in Big Data and Fast Data technologies, IoT, Analytics and Data Visualization. He graduated from University of Technology in Wroclaw, Poland. Before joining SAP, Vitaliy worked as a technology consultant in Europe and in the U.S. During 2010-2014 he was one of SAP Mentors.


SAP Enable Now

Link to the slides

Link to the recording

Lluis SalvadorExplain the solution of SAP Education and the technical functionality of SAP Enable Now and integration with SAP Solution Manager.
14:3015:30Small lunch & Networking  


Participation & snacks will be free, thanks to our sponsors.

Pre-Evening Event

Thursday 25th of April, 20:30 h
Platea Madrid, ,
More info about this place at:
How to get there:

Call for speakers has been closed

Call for speakers is closed now!

Please send your proposal plus a short biography at

6/6 slots occupied.

Places to stay

Please check for accomodation e.g. here: (link). This link includes the weekend (smile) which I recommend. April is a great month to be in Madrid - see section "About Madrid". Some hotels offer pools. Early booking can get you still very good rates, just check (23.2.19).


Please contact us at Twitter @PhilMAD3 or

Already thanks to

  • Svea Becker, SAP
  • Bernhard Lücke, SAP
  • David Ruiz, SAP Mentor
  • Gregor Wolff, SAP Mentor





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  • Sulzer España

Please come back often, meanwhile feel free to contact me at @PhilMAD3.


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