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This article is relevant only if both of the below conditions are met:

1. When starting various ICF services (for example, WebGUI, Web Dynpro, BSP or Fiori applications), the browser shows one of the below errors:
HTTP 500 SAP Internal Server Error
ERROR: Unknown Error (termination: ERROR_MESSAGE_STATE) 


HTTP 500 SAP Internal Server Error
Message E MD5 027 cannot be processed in plugin mode HTTPS

(with this specific message class and number, MD5 027)


HTTP 500 SAP Internal Server Error
Secure Storage: Entry cannot be decrypted

2. In the transaction SECSTORE of the backend system, the entry /HMAC_INDEP/CL_HTTP_SERVER_NET and/or /HMAC_CLIENT/CL_HTTP_SERVER_NET is marked with a red traffic light, with an error similar to:

"Key <xyz>_INSTALLER for entry "/HMAC_INDEP/CL_HTTP_SERVER_NET============CP" is missing in the secure storage..."

This issue happens most likely after a system copy - the explanation is that the key for decrypting these SECSTORE entries is not available in the new system.

To resolve the issue, proceed as follows:
1. Delete the SECSTORE entry /HMAC_INDEP/CL_HTTP_SERVER_NET and/or /HMAC_CLIENT/CL_HTTP_SERVER_NET, if it is marked with a red traffic light
2. Call the URL of your ICF service (for example http(s)://<host>:<port>/sap/bc/bsp)
4. If the entry got recreated, the error should no longer occur

Alternatively, you may import the missing key as described in the below Help article: