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Common Issues KBAs

  • 2824417 - Configuration Check Tool - Document Transfer and Quick Fix - Performance Management
  • 2830781 - Enable Goal Management People Search - Goal Management
  • 2827309 - Notify Calibration Participants to Submit Ratings Email Notification - Calibration

Most Popular KBAs

  • 2077413 - Manage Templates and Live Forms - Optimize PM Template Settings & Changes to Launched Forms - Performance Management
  • 2076088 - Launching Forms - Top 10 Reasons Forms Fail to Launch (Forms won't create) - Performance Management
  • 2078700 - Performance Management: Routing - Top 10 Reasons Forms Failed to Route to Next Step, Forms did not move or moved to wrong user or step
  • 2072202 - Metric Lookup Tables - Goal Management
  • 2072678 - Manage Goal Data - Importing and Exporting Custom Goal Library and "Standard Goal Libraries" translations - Goal Management

How-To KBAs

  • 2341110 - Performance Management Implementation Tips & Tricks from Support
  • 2078687 - Top 10 FAQs and Evaluation Guide for PMv12 Acceleration - Performance Management
  • 2071470 - GM v12 - Goal Management
  • 2342215 - Calibration Implementation Overview - How to get started 
  • 2342241 - Continuous Performance Management Implementation Overview - How to get started 

Just Getting Started?

These resources are most useful for those just getting started with Performance & Goal Management:

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