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KBA and Notes

  • KBA 2803053 - IT0021 Additional Data block for FSSDP is not shown 
  • KBA 2513332 -  FSSDP - BASE_CALC_DAYS settings in HRULFXML reportSAP Note
  • KBA 2785536 - FSSDP - how to set AVG_SAL in HRULFXML report
  • KBA 2531613 - FSSDP - Birth Certificate "Issue date" settings for HRULAPSI report
  • KBA 2694201 - HR-RU FSSDP: Tag MULTPATR value in HRULFXML report


What is "Direct Payments" 

Traditionally, the Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation works with employer on a crediting basis, when the employer pays benefits to the insured, and at the end of the reporting period, the fund reimburses to the employer the difference between the amount of insurance payments and the amount paid.


According to the Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation of April 21, 2011 No. 294 and the Order of the Government of the Russian Federation of December 19, 2015 No. 1389, Mechanism of Direct Payments from  Social Insurance Fund comes into effect. This means the benefits are paid to the insured person by the Fund, and the employer is responsible for transferring documents and relevant data to Fund.


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Solution functionality:

1) Application for payment / additional payment vacation pay

2) Application of reimbursement for the payment of social benefits for funeral

3) Application for reimbursement of the costs of four additional days off to one of the parents (trustee, fiduciary) to care for disabled children.

4)  Statement for calculating the amount of vacation pay (in addition to annual paid vacation) for the entire period of treatment and travel to the place of treatment.

5) Statement for calculating the amount of the supplement allowance

  • Data generation for insurance cases, disability parameters data and other information necessary for calculating benefits and making payment in
    XML format in accordance with the electronic data exchange specification of actual version.

6) Registration in the system of various responses from the FSS:

  1. Notification of missing documents or required information
  2. Refusal to temporary disability benefits assignation and payment
  3. Decision to refuse to consider documents or information

IMG Menu steps

Transaction SPRO> Payroll: Russia  Business Process > Social Insurance > FSS Direct Payments

- Payroll: Russia > Reporting > Payroll  Social Insurance > FSS Direct Payments

SAP Easy Access Menu

Human resources > Payroll > Europe > Russia > Information System > Reporting > Payroll > Social Insurance > FSS Direct Payments

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Solution Activation:

Solution was delivered to SAP_HR EnhP6.04 and can be used on EHP 6.04 and higher.


IMG >Payroll: Russia > Business Process > Social Insurance > FSS Direct Payments

- Payroll: Russia > Reporting > Payroll > Social Insurance > FSS Direct Payments > Activate FSS Direct payment function


Transaction sm30 > V_T5F99K2 > Country grouping = 33 > Switch FSSDP = 1 (On)

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Specific Objects


  •  Infotype 3330 "Sickness Certificate";
  • Subtypes for Infotype 3273 "Statement: Rules for SI Payments" provide master data input for relevant FSS application requests;
  • Enhancement of Infotype 0021 "Family Members"(Russian specific screen) allows input FSS relevant data
  • Enhancement of Infotype 2001 "Absences"(Russian specific screen) allows to link an absence with the Infotype 3330 sickness certificate;


  • New Action type UU “FSS Application for SI Payment

Each Reason for Action is set to create record in infotype 3273 with corresponding subtype

01 > RU01 “Sickness”

02 > RU06 “Work Accident and Occupational Illness”

03 > RU09 “Vacation for Treatment”

04 > RU03 “Early Pregnancy”

05 > RU02 “Pregnancy”

06 > RU04 “Childbirth”

07 > RU05 “Child Care”

09 > RU07 “Funeral”

10 > RUC7 “Child’s Funeral”

22 > 0001 “Statement for Social Insrance payments”


Infogroup is a sequence of infotypes that must be processed during an event with a specific reason.

Specific Infogroups UU “FSS Application for SI Payment”  were developed to create all required data during action perform.

Infogroups can be modified directly from  Infotype Action (0000) SPRO > Personnel Management (PM) > Personnel administration (PA) => Customizing procedures => Actions > Define infogroups.

Or directly from Infotype Actions



  • RUFSS operation determines need to process absences according to FSSDP rules
  • P3273 function implements business logic for processing insurance cases according to FSSDP rules  
  • Specific Wage Types are generated for each kind of insurance case ( e.g. M427,M433, M45G etc.)
  •  Offcycle payroll with reason 0108 is performed on a specific requested date and processes only absences that meet the conditions of the selection process specified for the calculation

IMG: Payroll > Payroll: Russia > Off-Cycle Activities > Define Content of Employee Selection Process


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Reports are designed to perform three different run modes.

  • Test run
  • Productive run
  • Correction run

Test and productive run modes process applications that are:

  • signed
  • have a calculation date
  • have not been sent to the FSS before (field P3273-BATFL)
  • have not been rejected by the FSS
  • have a relevant type of benefit for this report.

Test run processes all applications issued during the specified period. Errors are recorded in the log, and execution continues when they occur.

Productive run logic can be described as “all or nothing”: when error occurs during processing sequence program will stop without any update to application records.

Infotype 3273 records are updated with generated document names (field P3273-BATFL)

Correction run is processing applications that have been sent to FSS, but not declined.

 HRULFXML report allows you to create XML format documents and save them to Presentation Server or to Application server.

You can create up to 99 unique registries for single date.

HRULFXML0 program creates ALV view for XML documents in all run modes.


Delivered functionality includes settings for XML document generation, which can be as a model to create unique required processing, for example:

  • Seniority Models :

IMG: Payroll > Payroll: Russia >Reporting > Payroll > Social Insurance > FSS Direct Payments > Define Codes for Calculation Processes

  • Radiation Impact Codes
  1. Chernobyl NPP
  2. Semipalatinsk
  3. Lighthouse
  4. Citizens from special risk units

IMG: Payroll > Payroll: Russia > Reporting > Payroll > Social Insurance > FSS Direct Payments > Set Up Radiation Impact Codes


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Organisational data

System design allows us to choose the way report will process organisational data:

FSSGR switch IMG: Payroll > Payroll: Russia > Reporting > Payroll > Social Insurance > FSS Direct Payments > Define Grouping Type for Report Output

In this Customizing activity, you define the type of grouping that reports have to use when generating forms that you submit to the Russian Social Insurance Fund (FSS) to apply for direct social insurance payments.

You can select one of the following options for grouping:

  • -: Default grouping

In this case, reports handle head units and detached subdivisions separately. If you select the option of including all detached subdivisions on the selection screen of the reports, the reports generate a form for the head unit and separate forms for each subdivision.

  • X: Employer grouping

In this case, the form generated for the head unit includes all employees from the detached subdivisions.

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