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The Data Field Acquisition Tool (DAQ) enables you to generate forms in the system, either for internal reporting and analysis purposes or for legal compliance.

 In the system, each form is divided into sections, and a section comprises a number of fields. A field stores data from different system locations.


The DAQ tool retrieves the attributes of the form, sections, and fields, as well as field data sources from the corresponding tables. The DAQ tool also retrieves the required data including attributes of the electronic file for the form, and generates a Temporary Sequential File (TemSe) or an XML file.

By making customizing settings you can determine, for example, the source code routine that extracts data for a target field.

Delivered DAQ settings can be used to make necessary settings to achieve expected result, based on data in the system and business requirements.



 DAQ settings overview:

Overall DAQ is cluster of views VC_T7RU_99F0 that is maintained with SM34 transaction.

Interactive request pop-up requires to choose country grouping and next step to view settings is to choose required Form (subapplication).

Form consists of

  • Section Definition

Section are used to group data in specific way, for example sections define an employee data and  payment tables - each as a separate section.


This view allows you to set such parameters as Type and Condition:

 Type - this is the parameter defining if data on employees will be for single employee or multiple  employees

 Condition (section) – value determines the need to include data in the specified section.


Each Section Definition includes list of Fields that are used to generate this section.

You can  also set specific condition  for field to determine the need to current field formation.


  • Fields of the Form

This view determines how the value of the form field will be generated.

For example a field value can be derived from Function Module, Wage Type Code or from several other fields using custom formula


  • Customer Specific Redefenition of Fields can be used to customize any of the fields in the form (without affecting the initial settings). 
    The record will be used instead of the standard one.


  • Conditions of the Form view allows you to control from generation. You can set conditions at all levels of your form:
  1. Form level
  2. Section level
  3. Field level

A condition is triggered by a legal or a functional reason. A condition can be generic or specific.

When the condition is met, it is considered that the data can be recorded in a section or a section field .


  • Field Groups of The Form

This view allows you to set up formula that will  used  to calculate specific value based on the fields and group operations.


  • Conditions of Table Reading (see Conditions of the Form)


Learn more:

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