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  1. SAP Logistics Business Network, Freight Collaboration Option

    The freight collaboration option for SAP Logistics Business Network improves supply chain efficiency by connecting business partners on a collaborative network that supports jointly managing transactions, exchanging documents, and sharing insights across the value chain.

    This SAP Community Wiki Page provides additional information, supplementing the product documentation for SAP Logistics Business Network.

    Uber Freight Real-time Pricing Scenario

    Out-of-the box connectivity is delivered for digital freight forwarder Uber Freight to support on-demand road transportation with real-time pricing and subcontracting to truck carrier networks. Please see the following documents to learn more about this joint service offering:

    • Video: SAP and Uber Freight Join Forces to Deliver On-Demand Logistics
    • Press release: SAP and Uber Freight Join Forces to Deliver On-Demand Logistics Through the Power of Networks
    • Overview Presentation: SAP Logistics Business Network - SAP and Uber Freight Joint Solution Offering
    • Configuration and Restriction Guide: Configuring SAP Transportation Management for use with Uber Freight Real-time Pricing Services (via SAP Logistics Business Network)