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SAP Logistics Business Network, freight collaboration option

The freight collaboration option for SAP Logistics Business Network improves supply chain efficiency by connecting business partners on a collaborative network that supports jointly managing transactions, exchanging documents, and sharing insights across the value chain.

This SAP Community Wiki Page provides additional information, supplementing the product documentation for SAP Logistics Business Network.

Out-of-the box connectivity is currently available for the following digital freight forwarders, freight networks and visibility providers below.
Please see the linked documents to learn more about our joint service offerings with these network partners.

Partners mentioned below are sorted by name.


Digital Freight Forwarder

Integration Scenario

Current Focus



Spot Pricing Scenario


Uber Freight

Spot Pricing Scenario


  • Video: SAP and Uber Freight Join Forces to Deliver On-Demand Logistics
  • Video: SAP Logistics Business Network brings innovation through strategic partnership with Uber Freight
  • Press release: SAP and Uber Freight Join Forces to Deliver On-Demand Logistics Through the Power of Networks
  • Overview Presentation: SAP Logistics Business Network - SAP and Uber Freight Joint Solution Offering
  • Configuration and Restriction Guide: Configuring SAP Transportation Management for use with Uber Freight Real-time Pricing Services (via SAP Logistics Business Network)


Freight Network / Visibility Provider


FTL Visbility

LTL Visibility

B2B Collaboration (FTL Tendering & Subcontracting & LTL Subcontracting)

US & Europe
  • Partnership video: SAP and project44 power intelligent supply chain decisions
  • SAP news on partnership: SAP teams with project44 to help shippers manage and improve data-driven global supply chains
  • Feature Scope Description on SAP Logistics Business Network, project44 add-ons: An overview of the add-on licences available through SAP for project44 services used with SAP Logistics Business Network. This document covers the project44 add-ons for out-of-the-box, ready-to-run scenarios available for the SAP Logistics Business Network, Freight Collaboration Option. It also covers the project44 add-ons that can be licensed and used for project-based implementation in combination with the SAP Logistics Business Network, Global Track and Trace Option. 
  • Configuration and Application Guide for SAP Logistics Business Network, project44 Add-Ons: This document covers the details of the SAP Logistics Business Network add-ons for project44 services, defining the capabilities that are available in the tendering, subcontracting and tracking area in SAP Logistics Business Network, freight collaboration option.
  • Request a quote form: Customers interested in receiving a quote / price indication to use the project44 add-ons with SAP Logistics Business Network, may use the online request a quote form.

Carrier Onboarding Scenario

Carrier companies can be invited to collaborate on the network by one of the shippers they work with. The following document leads the administrator of a carrier company through the onboarding process so the administrator and other users of the company can log on and start using the apps.

Dock Appointment Scheduling Integration with External Systems

Shippers can use the APIs offered by SAP Logistics Business Network, freight collaboration option to integrate the dock appointment scheduling functionality with the following external systems:

  • SAP Transportation Management
  • Transportation Management on SAP S/4HANA
  • SAP Extended Warehouse Management
  • Extended Warehouse Management on SAP S/4HANA

The following guide provides the detailed information on how to perform this integration.

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