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When "creating a new version" or doing a "copy as" or doing a check in of a document info record in ECTR you get an error message:

"Error: the necessary BAdi method was not called!" Meldungsnr. /DSCSAG/PLM107".

W    | /DSCSAG/PLM | 107    | Schwerer Fehler: Der Savecounter konnte im BAdI nicht bestimmt werden.
W    | /DSCSAG/PLM | 107    | Error: The necessary BADI method was not called! | 


The checkin handling code of ECTR in the document_main - BAdI has not been processed. 


Please check the following points:
  1.  Menu Administrator -> SAP Engineering Control Center Setup -> Maintain the DSC ABAP Switches, is ECTR activated for all users?
    (for advanced users, see table /DSCSAG/CHECK in SE16n).

  2. Are the BADIs implemented and activated (for ECTR up to 5.1 / 1.0)?

  3. Are the Dtypes actual in the SAP System (to upload the actual Dtypes click on the Menu Administrator -> SAP Engineering Control Center Setup -> Upload SAP Engineering Control Center Settings to SAP System.

  4. Is the field DRAW-RES4 filled with the application type and a ":"?
    This error can also occur for documents that were not created with ECTR and therefore have no ":" in the DRAW-RES4 field. If this is the case, either the ABAP code in the BAdI document_main01->before_save() must be changed (for ECTR up to 5.1 / 1.0) or the following pref must be maintained and uploaded:
    SAP.PLM.BADI.ADDITIONAL.DOCTYPES = <list of document types>

  5. User has no authorization at all to read the document.


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