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This article will provide you with possible ways to identify issues surrounding SCORM 1.2/AICC.

Content is created by external vendors and work with the LMS. While the LMS houses the content and all the data, all communication is done via the content. Content is the one that sends all the data such total time spent, completion status, score, etc. The LMS receives the data and stores it in the database. If the LMS does not receive the information, then the root cause of the issue is the content. If the data is being passed from the content to the LMS, then there is an LMS issue.



You will need:

  • Access to SuccessFactors LMS
  • HTTPWatch or Fiddler for network traces (Chrome or IE network trace tools can be used but make it more difficult)
  • Scorm 1.2 or AICC content

HTTPWatch or Fiddler can be downloaded for free
For the remainder of this guide, HTTPWatch will be used due to less complexity with reading network traces

API not Found

What can cause this issue?

  • Trusted Sites on the web browser need to be checked. Check SAP KBA 2310570
  • Incorrect Launch Method was chosen when importing the content to LMS.
    • Go to Learning Administration->Content->Content Objects→Search for the Content Object and edit it→Launch Method tab→Update the type to AICC or SCORM 1.2
  • Content has a coding issue
    • Speak to your content vendor

How to validate the connection is happening on the LMS?

  1. Assign the course to your user
  2. You will need to open up your preferred networking tool.
    1. Using HTTPWatch, in Internet Explorer choose on the Menu->View→Explorer Bars→Choose HTTPWatch (or press Shift+F2)
  3. Make sure that the 'Record' button is grayed out so network traces can be collected.
  4. In the logs you will look for a URL such as "https://[company]
    1. This communication means that communication has began between the content and the LMS
    2. If you do see this, you will need to validate that the proper URL filepath is correct on the Content Object


Completion Data is not received

What can cause this issue?

  • There is a content issue
    • The content might not be sending the correct lesson_status. Check the Guide for what lesson_status to pass. Content vendor needs to update this information on the content.


Known Errors and Solutions

This section will describe the problem or problems, why they apply and the way to solve or to workaround the problem.


Error: <error description>

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Section to describe the causes of the problem.


Section to describe the solution of the problem (includes purpose and details of the solution).


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Additional information

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