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Under this section information about the Reusable Component could be found. This component offers the possibility to reuse cross functionality in the HCM Fiori Apps

The functionality handle by this services can be adjusted via BADI HCMFAB_B_COMMON,  (Common BAdI for all HCM Fiori apps) to enhance HCM Fiori apps delivered with software component UIHR002.

This BAdi is released with a default fallback class CL_HCMFAB_FB_COMMON.

You can find further details in the technical information of the BADI in SE18 transaction and in the interface IF_EX_HCMFAB_COMMON documentation.

The services provided by the reusable component are used by several applications but cannot be used independently.
It's important to also maintain them updated.

Previous version: Reusable Component for Employee Lookup & People Profile :  App ID F1387
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