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In the following KBA's , relevant information about the app has been gathered by the Product support team 

3041734 - My Timesheet (Version 3/Fiori 2.0) How to manage Assignments and Time entry options

2691220 - My Timesheet application based on Fiori 2.0 This note has a list of the Badis relevant for the Fiori app

2950824 - Enhancement Options for FIORI App My Timesheet (Version 3 / Fiori 2.0)

2837007 - My Timesheet (V3) Fiori 2.0 description is not visible for field By Defaut only Id's are shown in the My Timesheet V3 Fiori App, if text wants to be shown it's necessary to implement the BADI mentioned in this note.

2971492 - Approve Timesheet (Version 3/Fiori 2.0) integration Via My Inbox and substitutions

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