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This upgrade is long overdue and is coming now because the system was running on an old version of the platform and we took this opportunity to upgrade the look and feel as well as the different functionalities the platform in its newer version has to offer. The content will be updated as a long term project next year.  That is the reason the change is big but mostly at the platform level and less in the look and feel.


  • Refreshed Look and Feel
  • Quick and simple upgrades
  • More Frequent feature releases 
  • Dynamic and updated personal homepage
  • better ability to find what you are looking for.

So what is coming, what to expect and we hope you will share our excitement: 

Homepage change

This is the OLD Homepage in the wiki:

This is the NEW Homepage:

As you can see you have on the left-hand side 3 main sections that are dynamic and will remember your preference over time:

  • Dynamic Updates
  • Personal Favorites
  • Favorite spaces

We will use the right-hand side to communicate announcement and news.

Pages structure

This is how an OLD Space homepage used to look:

And this is how a NEW space homepage looks like:

As you can see we didn’t touch the colors and template and moved it as is.

The Wiki is very active and used by the community, which is why we are happy with this change and the ability to give you a much user-friendly system. The Wiki new version will help you find what you need much easier. The new dynamic homepage gives the ability to keep track of the information you care about, keeping you up to date.

Wiki Search

You can use the built in Wiki search to using the Search Field in the left hand side

This would give you results only from Community Wiki

Community Search

You can also use the Community Search to find results from all community sites including Wiki,

This is how to filter Wiki results in Community Wiki:

First go to the SAP Community and search for what you need:

Choose page in the Type 

1) Click on the type

2) Choose page

 To learn more, check following:

We hope you will like this change almost as much as we do, looking forward to hear your feedback here.

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