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The purpose of this page is to clarify the understanding of the ABAP report variant.


  1. What is report variant
  2. System variant(cross-client) and application variant(client-specific)
  3. How to transport variant?
  4. Adjust obsolete variants after the upgrade
  5. Authorizations for variant maintenance
  6. Most frequent problems 

1. What is report variant?

Whenever there is a requirement to execute a report with the same set of input values again and again, for large selection screens entering the same values can be a tiresome and boring task. Thus SAP has provided a functionality to save these values in a set called as REPORT VARIANT. In order to save a variant just input values on selection screen and click on save button:

Please read following blogs to get familiar with report variant:

Note: REPORT VARIANT can ONLY be used for selection screen, for the transactions with dynpro screen, transaction variant can be used.

2. System variant(cross-client) and application variant(client-specific).

If you save the variant into a name not start with CUS& or SAP& then it is a client-specific variant. In case you need a cross-client specific variant, you need to save it with name CUS&... then the variant will be saved into client 100. When you execute ABAP programs with system variants in clients other than 000, the system automatically accesses the 000 client. SAP&... variants are also system variant, but they are delivered by SAP Standard.

3. How to transport variant?

Check SAP Note 128908 -Transporting report variants.

4. Adjust obsolete variants after the upgrade

After an upgrade, report variants may be characterized as obsolete. This is always the case if parameters or select options have changed type or length in the relevant program, so it is recommended to adjust the obsolete the variants after upgrade:

1. Execute report RSVCHECK to find out which variants are obsolete.

2. Execute program RSVARDOC_46X or RSVARDOC_610 to adjust the obsolete variants.

For details, please read KBA 1953229 - Summary - Rescue obsolete variants after the upgrade

5. Authorizations for variant maintenance

Please read KBA 2558715 - [Summary & FAQ] Authorizations for variant maintenance.

6. Most frequent problems 

Please check KBA 2207080 - [Must-See] Most frequent problems under BC-ABA-TO area

1. How to change the protected variants with users which are not the creator of the variants?
2. Popup "Find Variant" is displayed when you choose report variants, you want to know why and whether it is possible to hide it.
3. You observe that some system variants(CUS&...) are not stored in client 000.
4. Table TVARVC update issue.
5. Dynamic date calculation does not work in a periodic job.








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