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  1. What is selection screen

1.What is selection screen?

There are mainly two types of screens in abap world:

  • selection screen
  • dynpro screen

ABAP programs use screens to obtain input from users. The most general type of screen is a dialog screen, which you create using the ABAP Workbench tools Screen Painter(SE51) and Menu Painter(SE41) These tools allow you to create screens for data input and output. However, each of these screens requires its own flow logic.

You often use screens purely for data input . In these cases, you can use a selection screen. Selection screens are a standardized user interface.

Selection screens are special dynpros that can be defined in executable programs, function groups, and module pools. Selection screens are defined in the global declaration section of the mentioned ABAP programs with the statements SELECT-OPTIONS, SELECTION-SCREEN and PARAMETERS without using Screen Painter. The screens of selection screens can contain a subset of the screen elements of general dynpros.

For example, following report will generate a selection screen(dynpro number 1000):

REPORT zdemo_sel_screen_screen_opt.


            p2(10TYPE VISIBLE LENGTH 5,
            p3(10TYPE VISIBLE LENGTH 10.


Execute the program, you will see the selection screen:


For more details, please check Tr ABAPHELP.

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