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This page contains information about system aliases and system alias mapping options.


System Alias Resolution

  • In the browser-only case the system alias will always be resolved in the current system.
  • In the NWBC case the alias will be resolved in that system at which the user is logged on. This holds also true if there is a navigation to a remote system and from there another subsequent navigation; the system alias will then NOT be resolved in the remote system. The NWBC case requires an appropriate SM59 entry.
  • In the portal the system alias will always be resolved on the portal. The system alias must be defined in the system alias mapping of the portal.
  • System Alias Mapping is needed by customers to set their own aliases without changing the launchpad delivered by SAP.

For example; SAP delivers a launchpad with system alias:


Customers can either setup connection SAP_DemoSystem or map this alias to their own alias:

  • Icon for system alias mapping is only shown in customer system
  • System alias mapping is launchpad specific (stored in table APB_LPDADD_XMLS)
  • System alias mapping cannot be delivered by SAP
  • System alias mapping can be transported between customer systems
  • If no system aliases are used in a launchpad, no system alias mapping can be created


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