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This page lists miscellaneous transactions and reports that can be useful for customers.


  • Report RSPARAM - List of system settings:
    • transport/systemtype: Customer or SAP system
    • install/codepage/appl_server: System Codepage
  • Transaction SCC4 - Client administration:
    • Provides information about the client settings, e.g. Whether changes to repository objects and cross-client customizing objects are allowed or not.
  • Transaction SE03 – Transport Organizer Tools:
    • e.g. This allows to search for transport objects in jobs or tasks
  • transaction SHMA – Shared Memory Management:
    • Relevant Shared Memory Area: CL_APB_LPD_SHM_AREA
  • transaction SHMM – Shared Memory Monitor:
    • Relevante Shared Memory Area: CL_APB_LPD_SHM_AREA
  • Transaction SLG1 - Application Log:
    • Object = LPD; Subobject = DELETE, CORR_INCONS; e.g. Entries when deleting a launchpad.
  • Transaction SOBJ - Maintenance Object Attributes:
    • Here you can look at the logical transport objects and their parts list. For the Launchpad, there are the entries LPDC (for short texts of customer launchpads), LPDS (for short texts of SAP Launchpads) and LPDT (for short texts of customer and SAP launchpads)


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