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Is Microsoft Office 365 supported by SAP ECTR?

What is Microsoft Office 365?

=> Office 365 is NOT a special Office version - Office 365 is a special subscription model.

Office 365

  • Office 365 is a combination of an online service, an Office web application, and an Office software subscription.
  • There are different tariffs for the subscription (with different functionality).
  • It is the subscription model - parallel to the classic Office versions that still exist.
  • the Office software subscription includes the classic applications Word, Excel, PowerPoint, which can be installed on the client.
  • Office Online is an independent web application and can be used with a Microsoft account and independent of the operating system (similar to "Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and Forms").
  • Office 365 subscription launched in June 2011.

Does ECTR supports Microsoft Office 365?

  • (tick) ECTR supports the Word, Excel, PowerPoint applications included in the subscription of Microsoft Office 365, which are installed on the client.
  • (error) ECTR does not support Office Online. This is a pure web application without the possibility of add-ins. I.e. it is not possible technically install the Office - Integration there.


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