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Welcome to the official SAP Inside Track Reading info page.

We are pleased to announce that this year, SAP Inside Track Reading is hosted by Microsoft. The event will be held at the Microsoft campus at Thames Valley Park in Reading. 

Our theme this year is sustainability. Although we are open to all talk topics, in particular this year we would like to hear your sustainability topics in relation to technology, business and SAP.

Given the location and main sponsor, we are also keen to hear about your SAP on Azure topics - if you can combine Azure with sustainability, all the better!

The conference language will be English. 

Please Note: In light of recent COVID-19 developments, we are monitoring the situation and reserve the right to cancel or postpone the event in line with official guidance.

UPDATE 05.03.2020: Unfortunately the event is now POSTPONED until further notice - hopefully we will be able to run it some time in Q3 2020.

When and how to register?

  • SAP Inside Track Reading date and location are now confirmed.
  • Call for speakers is now open, please update the tables below under the Sessions suggestions section with your proposed speaker session.
  • Please register via this link.

Where will it take place?

SAP Inside Track 

Microsoft Campus, Thames Valley Park in Reading, UK.

Microsoft Campus

Thames Valley Park



Who should attend?

Inside Track is from the SAP community for the SAP community: customers, consultants, developers, freelancers, blogger, nerds and geeks ... - but also for absolute rookies! The important thing of the entire event: share your knowledge, learn great new stuff and gain new buddies.

We would particularly welcome students, people early in their career and people from groups traditionally underrepresented in tech. For these groups we are happy to reimburse travel expenses from within the London & Thames Valley region - just contact one of the organisers after the event with a copy of your train/bus ticket, etc., or contact us before the event if you have any questions.


The event is for FREE (free, as in free beer), including drinks during the event and lunch.

For the pre-conference event everybody pays her/his own drinks & food, although we will have some money behind the bar to pay for an initial drink or two.

Pre-conference social event location

We will hold a Stammtisch before SAP Inside Track as we did in 2019, the date and location will be confirmed in due course. It's highly likely that our location will be in London or Reading.

Conference Code of Conduct

Short version: “Don't act inappropriately. If someone is inappropriate towards you, or you see someone behaving inappropriately towards someone else, please talk to one of the organisers.”

Longer version: See here


Time slotMain Theatre Room (~80 people)Second Theatre Room (~20 people)
8:30 - 9:00Arrival & coffee
9:00 - 9:30

Welcome & introduction

The Inside Track organisers

9:30 - 10:10


  Stephen Jamieson - Head of Sustainable Business Innovation, SAP

10:15 - 10:55

Lightning Talks

11:00 - 11:30Coffee break
11:30 - 12:10


12:15 - 12:55

Birds-of-a-feather roundtable discussion
13:00 - 14:00Lunch
14:00 - 14:40


14:45 - 15:25


15:30 - 16:00Coffee break
16:00 - 16:40

Lightning Talks


16:45 - 17:25

Birds-of-a-feather roundtable discussion

17:30 - 18:00Wrap-up

Sessions suggestions

The Call for speakers is open, feel free to update the table below with your proposed session ideas!

Main Theatre Room Sessions

30 minutes talk, 10 mins Q&A. We plan to have 7 sessions during the day.


Speaker (First Last)Title of talkDescriptionAdditional Information (SCN, XING, ...) 
Darren HagueLow-carbon software developmentWhen developing software to run in the cloud it's easy to generate a significant carbon footprint. With a few simple considerations you can minimise this, lowering your cloud compute costs at the same time. 

Vitaliy Rudnytskiy

          <Proposal nr="1"/>

#FunWithSAP Data Intelligence

Last year at SIT in Barcelona Philipp Nell started hashtag #SAPisFun during my SAP HANA presentation. We'll try to continue this by combining Fun, SAP Data Intelligence and Sustainability this time.

Phillip ParkinsonUsing SAP Data Intelligence for a business use caseIn this session we'll look at a typical business use case and use SAP Data Intelligence to better understand the data in the use case and answer questions we have about the use case. We'll fetch data from other SAP systems and run the data through a machine learning workflow.
DJ AdamsGrow as you go with SAP Cloud Application Programming ModelOne of the CAP philosophies is "grow as you go", building up from the bare minimum until you have a working service. In this (Node.js flavoured) session we'll explore what the CAP tooling has to offer in this regard.I'm afraid my travel is now severely limited due to COV19 related board directives. Sorry.
Jan van AnsemAre you ready for BW/4HANA migration

There is a lot of information about BW/4HANA migration but sometimes it is difficult to see the wood for the trees. In this session, Jan van Ansem will share some lessons learned based on various green field and accelerated green field implementations of BW/4HANA 1.0 and 2.0. The session will focus specifically on the Prepare and Explore phases of SAP's Activate methodology for BW/4HANA migration and will include some live demos.

Frank SchulerSAP Data Hub GitHub integrationAs of version 2.7.3, there is no out of the box GitHub integration build into SAP Data Hub yet. In this session I will demonstrate how SAP Data Hub GitHub integration can still be achieved, leveraging the out of the box Read File and Write File Operators, that provide full access to all SAP Data Hub artefacts, as well as the also out of the box Python3 Operator in conjunction with the PyGithub project to store SAP Data Hub Repository Objects in GitHub and retrieve them back from there. 

Vitaliy Rudnytskiy

          <Proposal nr="2"/>

Do you know SAP HANA Advanced Analytics?

By now you have heard SAP HANA has Advanced Analytics capabilities, which placed it as a leader in Forrester’s Translytical Data Platforms. Join this talk to find what “translytical” and “advanced analytics” really mean – as always in down-to-earth and entertaining way.


Sarah MearesInnovation and sustainability

Chris Hough

Implementing Rolling Kernel Switch on SAP NetWeaver

In the session Chris will share the best practices on implementing Rolling Kernel Switch to SAP NetWeaver-based systems. (Lightning Talk)

Vamshi Polasa

Migrating SAP on Oracle Workload to Azure

Oracle is still one of the most common databases for SAP. You can still run it in Azure and Vamshi shares his insights how to perform the migration.
Manavi BanerjeeCloud Adoption Framework for SAP on Azure MigrationsCome and learn on how the pillars of Azure Cloud Adoption Framework is best utilized for governance, roles and responsibilities, security and control for any SAP on Azure implementation/ Migrations
Anne JohnsonCustomer Fronting in Projects - the Role of the SAP UX Designer?What is the role of the SAP UX Designer? It seems like we know a bit too little on what the designer does in a SAP project, and I am here to give you an overview on what you can utilize your UX Designer for. In this session I will also ask you, the participants, to brainstorm on your designated role in a project - and together we shall create a Role-Map - who knows, maybe you're already doing some UX inspired work in your roles?
Morten WittrockCloud Foundry buildpacks deep diveBuildpacks are at the heart of Cloud Foundry's cf push magic, i.e. the ability to deploy any application (almost) to the cloud. In this session, I'll describe how they work, and show you a buildpack in action.
Robin WebsterSAP On Azure: Thames Water case studyThames Water are early adopters in the world of digital change, championing an agile and data lead IT strategy. An enterprise level drive to move the business to SAP S/4HANA as a primary technology alongside a shift to Microsoft Azure meant automation, and the benefits it can bring, was required in order to realise the benefits of both platforms, and enable a modern operating model.
Alex TaylorEmbrace

Kirk RyanBest practices when using Azure NetApp files with SAP workloads Azure NetApp Files – a native Microsoft Azure service – provides a simple, fully managed cloud service to help migrate quicker and optimize SAP operations. Kirk will share his insights from multiple projects and show how other customers are using it.
Owen PettifordForever Weight ManagementIf you are trying to lose weight and failing this course will provide you with all the facts you need to create a successful weight management plan to achieve and maintain your “ideal” weight

Second Theatre Room Sessions

Especially suitable for those who are nervous about presenting, or who are talking for the first time. A mixture of lightning talks (10 minutes each, 4 talks per session) and "birds-of-a-feather" sessions (40 minutes). We plan to have 8 sessions during the day.

Speaker/Moderator (First Last)Title of talk/sessionLightning talk or BOF session?Description
Morten WittrockGet your blogging onLightning talkIf you are interested in blogging on the SAP Community site, join this lightning talk for tips and advice on how to get started, what to write about and more.
Michael Koch

Agile Project Delivery

BOF sessionHow to introduce Agile Project Delivery for a SAP Enduser Team.
Owen PettifordUnderstanding the Flavours of S/4HANALightning talkS/4HANA is the next generation of SAP ERP and comes in 3 or 4 different deployment models each of which has advantages, disadvantages and restrictions - this talk will explain each of the options and associated pros / cons - minus the marketing

Lightning talk

BOF session

BOF session

Lightning Talk

Lightning Talk

Lightning Talk

Social Media

Twitter Hashtag: #sitRDG



A big thank you to Microsoft for sponsoring the venue, catering and speaker gifts!

Book Sponsors

SAP Press will sponsor 3 e-books to winners we select on the day of sitRDG. We'll announce the selection process at sitRDG.

Espresso Tutorials are providing a free 4-week trial to their SAP eBook library for all attendees who allow us to give them their email address.

They are also sending us 3 print books to give away on the day.

Contact & follow us 

The event is organised by Phillip Parkinson (SAP), Bartosz Jarkowski  (Microsoft), Darren Hague (SAP) and Jan van Ansem (Foventus).

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