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Objective: Create a custom dashboard Launchpad page

Answer: Use Create Custom Page button for the Launchpad dashboard and add the wanted dashboards categories and IDs as shown in the steps section below



  1. Click on create page button  
  2. Enter the needed info and choose the wanted icon in the opened Create Launchpad Page dialog
  3. Click on Create button
  4. Click on plus/minus items button(s) to add/delete items 
    4.1. Select an item from the list to be configured and scroll down to get the item settings section. 
    4.2. Select the type of the item and enter its ID  

  5. Create a folder to add the created items into it
  6. Select the created folder 
  7. Click on plus 1 item to add one item under the selected folder
  8. Check that a pop-up is opened, and the user can add the created items either to the selected folder or to the parent folder/page. 
  9. Click on the button Save under Page Management Tab 


custom page contains folder and/or dashboard instances. The structure of page is controlled with a list of items in the edition panel with the following rules: 

  • Same items are not authorized otherwise an error message showing duplicated instance exists appears 
  • Dashboards items should have a type and an ID 

  • Items with errors cannot be created, or updated 

  • Items with warning can be created or updated 

  • You need to save for changes to take effect on item 

  • Folder type is not editable 

  • Folder can contain other folders and/or dashboards instances

  • Cannot move created items into a folder 

  • Items can be inserted into a folder upon their creation

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