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Business server pages is an extension of SAP R/3 . It displays the sap applications on a web browser or mobile device (WAP phone). Its very similar to server page technology. The development method is similar to the ITS flow .It uses function modules, BAPI's , HTML , java script and ABAP to retrieve data from SAP system. It doesnt use ITS (internet transaction server) instead it uses SAP web AS ( starts from version 6.10). We can design the page using HTML and java script and  logic using ABAP code .

It is created in transaction SE80.

It consists of 2 components user interface and business logic that forms a package .

The user interface consists of static websites,Dynamic websites which are generated using server-side scripting , when executed dynamically at runtime to create static websites and MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions ) objects such as pictures,sounds,style sheets,flash etc. External design softwares  such as Adobe GoLive, Dreamweaver, or Microsoft FrontPage 2000 can be used to design the BSP application as well.

Business logic is programmed using BAPI's ,function modules ,classes and ofcourse ABAP code.

BSP application is broken down to the following components :

Controllers: They access data based on the request of the user and display it back to user according to the model (defined using model view controller design pattern .

BSP's are websites displayed on the browser . They are made using HTML ,ABAP and javascript code .

Application class which encapsulates the business logic of BSP application.Its implemented using global ABAP class which can be accessed by every page of BSP application.

MIME objects is a repository which stores all the graphics , style sheet ,audio/video files etc . Using this we can design the page with rich content.

A BSP application is run through HTTP or HTTPs using a URL which is generated when you create a BSP in SE80

You can find it out by goining in properties of your page



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