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Objective: Create a metrics drill-down per Instance / Host in System Monitoring Data Provider

Answer: Use the Drilldown option. It is possible on Host or Instance


  1. In the gadget settings section, enter the title
  2. Click on “Add Query” button in the “Queries List” section
  3. Select the data provider /STDF/DP_SYSMON in the “Queries Settings “section
  4. Enter the SID, the metric's name (DIALOG_RESPONSE_TIME) and the method (MAX)


      5. Select the tab “Instance/Host”

       6. Select the tab "Drilldown"


In the preview section, press button “Refresh”


Note that:

  • The selected metric should not be a system metric (It should be applicable to the selected drilldown value: Host or Instance)
  • When selecting a drilldown value, the corresponding filter (instance/host) should not have a value. Otherwise the resulting data will be related only to the chosen instance/host.


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