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Create mentoring programs that are open-ended and allow all employees, or a subgroup of employees, to see and sign up freely as mentors, mentees, or both. 

Open enrollment programs allow you to create simple programs that are open to all employees, or to a subgroup that you define. No invitations are sent; employees with access can see and sign up for the program at any time. Users can even sign up as both a mentor and a mentee in the same open enrollment program.

Permission and Pre-requisites:

  • If you plan to use dynamic groups to limit participation to a subset of employees, set those groups up first
  • If you plan to require manager approval for mentors to sign up for the program, your system must include configuration for Home Page to-do tile

Permission LocationPermission Name
Employee DataFirst Name: View

Last Name: View

General User PermissionCompany Info Access: User Search
General User PermissionCommunity Access
Metadata FrameworkAccess to non-secured objects
Manage Integration ToolsAllow Admin to Access OData API through Basic Authentication
Manage Career DevelopmentManage Mentoring Programs
Career Development PlanningMentoring Programs Access Permission


  1. Go to Admin Center > Tools > Manage Mentoring Programs.Your program overview page is where you'll find all your programs, grouped by status:

    • Not Started

      These mentoring programs have not started yet and may still require input. For example, mentors or mentees may still be signing up or you may need to review the matching (in supervised programs).

    • In-progress

      These mentoring programs have started and will run until their designated end dates or until you manually close them.

    • Finished

      These mentoring programs have reached their end dates and are no longer active.

  2. Click Create New Mentoring Program
  3. Choose Open Enrollment Program
  4. Choose Open Enrollment and click Continue
  5. Enter a name and description for your program. The description field is displayed on the Mentor and Mentee overview pages for the program. So in addition to the basic program description, you can also add information like next steps or other program guidelines you'd like to share with participants. You can also define translations using  icon.

  6. Image Upload: Set the program image as identifier of the program in the program list. In this tool, you can adjust the thumbnail in case a image uploaded has higher resolution.

  7. Mentor per mentee limit and Mentee per mentor limit: Set the maximum number of Mentees and Mentors you want to allow your program participants to have. After the program is created, admins and program owners can still change match limts in program overview pages. In addition, when mentors sign up for a mentoring program, they can also adjust the number of mentees they wish to be paired with, up to the limit defined for the program. In the example where an admin change the Mentee per mentor limit from 5 to 8 after the program starts, mentors can be paired with 8 mentees rather than the initially configured maximum of 5, or they can be paired with the personal maximum they set themselves.
  8. Allow participants to end mentoring relationships: If you don't select this option in an open enrollment program, then mentors and mentees will not be able to end their assignments to one another without administrator intervention. After b1911 release, Mentoring threshold is adjusted when a relationship is ended and they could start new relationships. Please see KBA 2859625 for more information.
  9. Mentor Approval Method: Decide if you want to Require Mentor Approval and whether that approval should be by administrators or managers. Please see KBA 2831503 for more information.

    Approval by Administrators

    If you choose to require mentor approval by the mentoring program administrator or owner, provide some instructions in the box provided to let prospective mentors know what sort of document you expect them to submit with their sign-up form.

    Once a mentor submits a sign-up request, their status is set to pending and the mentoring administrator or owner receives a notification for the approval.

    Approval by Manager

    When a mentor signs up for one of these programs, their manager receives a notification and their status is set to pending.

  10. Target Participants: These are users that gets invited to the Mentoring Program. Groups here are configured through Manage Employee Groups. See KBA 2166545 for more information and set-up.
  11. Mentoring Program Text Replacement Option: Create and manage up to three custom program types by replacing UI text in mentoring programs. For example, you want to keep the default mentoring programs and create other types of programs (such as coaching programs or learning circles). With the program-level text replacement, you can define a text replacement pack for each custom program type and decide which replacement pack to use when you create a new program. For more information, see Admin Guide: Managing Custom Program Types with Text Replacement
  12. Signup Form: Whenever a mentor or mentee signs up for a mentoring program, they are presented with a series of questions to answer. Those answers are then used by the system to find the best fits between mentors and mentees through a standard formula of Auto Matching Algorithm and the sign-up form is where you define those questions. There are 2 Answer types you can choose from: Picklist and Freetext fields. For more information, please see here.

  13. Summary: This section will allow you review all the details you've entered in the program and gives you the option to edit any info. For more details, click here.

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