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(info) There'll be approx 18 slots45 minutes each - no guideline time-wise, up to you how you want to slice'n'dice it (smile)

(lightbulb) Call for Papers is open from Jan 27th - Feb 28th

We'll go through the list after this CfP closes and decide on the Agenda in a purely democratorial manner (yikes, we hope there'll be enough session suggestions to choose from at all (wink)).
All accepted speakers (== your session makes it onto the Agenda) will be contacted.
Once you confirm your session, you'll be automatically issued a re>≡CAP conference ticket!
→ no need to additionally register 

(insert disclaimer here that by offering a session below, you agree to have pictures taken of you that might be published on social media)

(warning) Edit this page to fill in your session suggestion! If you have trouble editing, please shoot us a DM on Twitter:

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H = hands-on/hacking
O = other (please describe) 

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Hack on sitregcapmThe SAP Mentors & Friends community Project sitREGcapm is intended to replace it's successor SITreg (which is based on XS Classic) to offer the SAP Community a tools for participants to register to community events. Let's bring the project forward by porting the tests and implementing business logic.

Gregor Wolf
Twitter: @wolf_gregor
SAP Community: gregor.wolf
GitHub: gregorwolf

CDS, LSP, ALE and VIM!Things with three letters are the best, especially when you combine them. In this session I'll show you how I discovered how the VS Code extension for CDS works, and how I took it apart and used the Language Server Protocol bits inside to give myself CDS language goodness in Vim, using ALE. (My ability to attend may be overridden by other events, I'm afraid (I'll find out in early Feb), but I wanted to submit a session anyway).

DJ Adams (about)
Twitter: @qmacro
SAP Community:
GitHub: qmacro
YouTube: DJAdams-qmacro (for the #HandsOnSAPDev live streams)

UI5 + CAP + Testing

In-depth look and hands-on dev of how to

  • combine freestyle UI5 development with CAP dev
  • custom protocols app ↔ srv (e.g. WebServices)
  • app- + srv-API-testing

Volker Buzek

Twitter: @vobu
SAP Community: vobu

Media handling + Amazon S3 integrationIn this session I'll show you how to handle media/files with CAP. We live in a mutlicloud world so we'll also see how to use CAP with underlying services such as Amazon S3 in a Cloud Foundry environment.

Pierre Dominique
Twitter: @pdominique
SAP Community: pdominique-bio
GitHub: pdominique

Improve the Time to UIWe know that the Time to a full CRUD API (TTA) with CAP is quite short. But let's imagine the time to a useful UI would just be so short as well.

I can imagine that when SAP Fiori Elements and CAP get better aligned that the generation of a first usable UI could just work without one UI annotation. And the definition of the layout could be done visually and downloaded as the UI annotations.
Gregor Wolf
Twitter: @wolf_gregor
SAP Community: gregor.wolf
GitHub: gregorwolf
O - Discussion Round, Brainstorming hopefully with the SAPUI5 and CAP Product ManagementY
Flight-mode CAP dev against cloud- + on-prem HANA db

Showing how to connect a local dev environment against a cf-HANA instance.

Then joint hacking to produce an (NPM?) module that plugs into CAP to connect against an on-prem HANA

Julian König, Simon Coen

GitHub Julian: jkoenig134
Twitter Julian: @jkoenig134

Cloud: the final frontierSAP Cloud Platform: the final frontier. These are the voyages of one developer. Its current mission: to explore the strange new cloud worlds. To seek out possibilities and new challenges. To boldly go where no ABAPer has gone before!

Christian Drumm

Twitter: @ceedee666
SAP Community: christian.drumm
GitHub: ceedee666

Combing Cloud SDK with CAPGoing a bit deeper into the session given at sitNL, where I showed a bit of the Cloud SDK cooperating with CAP. Diving into it together with you, we will do a bit of getting all our hands dirty with code. (smile)

Vincent Weiss

Twitter: @vfweiss
SAP Community: vfweissd


Enhanced Fiori Elements features for CAP Applications

In this hacking/demo session I will show the audience how CAP CDS annotations are used to generate a Fiori Elements application and how you can adapt its behavior by using local OData annotations and Fiori Elements Extensibility and Adaption features.

Robert Eijpe

Twitter: @raeijpe


SAP Community: r.eijpe

Integrating Sentiment Analyisis in CAP Application for Non Hana Database

Sentiment Analyisis is nice features that come inbuild with HANA, But beauty of CAP is you can build business application on Non Hana DB like Mysql also. So Bringing this feature really add lots of value to the customer who want to build business application using CAP on Non HANA DB. Especially B2B Commerce/Product Catalog Application need this feature because its pretty much difficult to read all the reviews from customer. SAP Conversational AI has inbuild Sentiment Analysis feature which can be seamlessly integrated with CAP using SAP CAI SDK. So customer who want to build B2B Commerce or any product catalog application using CAP and at the same time using SAP Conversational AI for creating order and other stuff would be able to utlise full. In this session we will show how this seamless Integration can be done.

Sudip Ghosh

SAP Comunity ->
Twitter ->
Linkedin ->

Manikandan K

SAP Community ->
twitter ->
Linkedin ->

Harikishore Sreenivasalu

Linkedin ->
twitter ->
SAP Community ->

How to buy a book in the bookshopWe all know the bookshop, right? And we do a lot of browsing through the available books and authors. Any serious application needs behaviour though, and that's where it can get messy. I'll explore a couple of different ways to implement behaviours in a CDS-based domain model, trying to bring in some ideas from Domain Driven Design.

Fred Verheul

Twitter: @fredverheul

SAP Community: @fred.verheul

Multitenant apps on SCP powered by CAPDeveloping SCP apps composed of multiple microservices with good SLAs and low TCO is a challenge. There are mutliple steps to master: onboard your team, develop testable and sustainable business logic, integrate everything, build up a CI/CD pipeline and operate. We show how CAP can contribute to ease the development phase.

Our project has collected typical use cases from SAP-internal application development teams and condensed our learnings in a set of blueprints. We present these blueprints and ask 
the community for feedback on possible further use cases.
Dr. Zoltán Albrecht
S/4HANA Chief Development Architect

Run CAP with SAP HANA Express natively in the Cloud (without SCP)The lecture reports on the experience made running CAP with SAP HANA Express natively in the Cloud outside the SAP Cloud Platform. As a developer you need maximum freedom and flexibility to be innovative. CAP together with SAP HANA express in your "own" cloud promises many possibilities. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this approach?

HP Seitz

Twitter: @hpseitz

SAP Community: hpseitz

 Slideshare: hpseitz

Real world scenario with CAP, CF and IAS

When creating your first CAP app from scratch you will most likely come across a bundle of unexpected behaviours, errors and challenges. We (successfully) created our first CAP app(s) for a typical B2B SaaS application scenario including (half)-automated user self-onboarding and role assignment.

Based on this real-world project we would like to share some of our experiences with CDS, CF and HANA as well as:

- Use of Node.js and SAP CDS

- Deployment to Cloud Foundry

- Authentication and authorization with XSUAA (SCP ID Provider)

- Switching from (local) dev environment to prod

Alexander Seibel and Max Spies or Wladimir TarasovDSy

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