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We want to collect & share all kinds of experience regarding virtual remote learning & training: methods; tools & sources in the SAP ecosystem and beyond as well as examples.  
Noone is so smart that our collective wisdom - thats why we take a Wiki approach so everyone can contribute.

Tips for learning remote & virtual


  • Ensure the right furniture to avoid back-pain. To stand up sometimes you might put your laptop on a box or window board
  • Ensure propper equipment (Headset. Laptop) if not possible BYOD bring your own device - everyone has smartphones!
  • Connectivity, stable internet connection incl. access to company network via VPN
  • Discuss with the ones you live which spaces are used by whom for work

Health & body

  • Ensure breaks (stand up), 
  • Exercise - from yoga to stepper - there are many great apps for guidance. Free e.g. and extensive is e.g. the Nike Training Team (NTC)
  • Time to relax and calm-down: practice a daily mindfulness or meditation session via guided apps - a good list is here - Spotify find guidance in the Genre Meditation

Values & Mindset

  • Remote learning & working needs trust in self-organization as everyone has another context (family, space, equippment etc.) and needs to organize the own productivity
  • Clear goals & tasks and regular communication help to keep on track and be motivated
  • Self discipline is important as you do not have the drivers of colleagues or managers meeting you in person- online-sessions for parallel work can help (like a virtual co-working space)
  • Respect, appreciation & empathy if others are not reachable, or work focused on their learnings/ tasks without interruption
  • Some find it helpful if they use similar clothes like at work to be more in a "work" mode

Learning Methods / LearnHacks

  • Set goals & timeslots (via your calendar) for learning. 
  • Develop a learning plan on how to achieve your goals 
  • Also use a daily plan e.g. via a Kanban Board with your family (joint breaks, school support etc.)
  • Break up your learning goal into many small steps & plan regular tasks to achieve it - plan it like a project
  • You can use a timer, an app or the pomodoro technique (25 min) to learn focused
  • Don´t forget to plan self-reflection & hands-on-practice 
  • To focus and avoid distraction/ procrastination it might help to listen to chill-music like in or e.g. Genre "Focus" on Spotify 
  • Ensure social support like via a learning buddy, mentor or coach 
  • Think of energizer tasks - e.g. find a red thing in your room and show it in the webcam, change location (e.g. outside, stand-up)
  • Document your progress - for your self e.g. in blogs, mindmaps, whiteboards, wikis, digital-notes like evernote/ one-note - also collaborative with your team and network
  • Develop routines like daily standup meeting with team, but also your family
  • Ensure to meet via video to create social interaction & emotional rapport
  • Find examples how others learn remote and learn from them 
  • Retrospective in the evening or end of the week
  • Create virtual private sessions with NO work talk
  • Leverage personal productivity methods from time management or GTD (Getting Things Done)
  • A virtual LernOS Circle combines many elements (guidance, social support...) →
  • Leverage further LearnHacks: Collection of Tips & Tricks for effective learning via the SAP Community or templates for download

Learning Content Sources 

Tools for Learning & Collaboration

I use Zoom for Videokonferences, Teams for collaboration & telephony, Jam & MSTeams as Enterprise social Network, Mural for Brainstorming - however check out what is best for you and your business + check out further lists if you need further guidance: 



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